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  1. good lord! been messing around with this forever, and am getting to grips with css very slowly.... anyway! i changed the css (thank you) and it works.... but only in firefox and i.e. - not chrome. also, can I change the arrow? in firefox its just a little arrow - but in i.e. its a grey arrow in in a grey box. thank you
  2. My list goes like this.... <select name='itemname3'class="newnew" id="itemname3"> <option value="Dress Colour">Dress Colour</option> <option value='Amethyst #6 (non returnable)'>Amethyst #6 (non returnable)</option> <option value='Apple #65 (non returnable)'>Apple #65 (non returnable)</option> I've created a class - but nothing gets rid of the border on the drop down! }#menu li{ float:left; list-style-type: none; display:inline; padding:0 .9em; border-right:1px solid #d2d2d2;;}#menu li.last{ border-right:none;} is it even possible? Many thanks Kitty
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