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  1. Thank you very much, i am now checking ur link
  2. Dear All, I come here again because i meet the problem on loading page with IE while i can load page with Chrome and Firefox every well. my domain is www.orkun2u.com can't load page with IE and i don't know what is the exactly problem, could you please tell me how to solve this problem with IE? Problem: Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site http://www.orkun2u.com/. Operation Aborted Kindly please help me, i appreciated. Rgds,Virak
  3. Dear All,I would like to find more solutions regarding how to make a payment "Pay with a debit or credit card" in case that my customer doesn't have PayPal Account.I see that other website they have two option when customer click on PayPal Buy Now botton:1. is Pay with Pay Pal Account2. Pay with a debit or or credit card if you don't have a PayPal account.I want my website like this, i case that my customer doesn't have PayPal account they can pay by debit or credit on PayPal page.Bellow is script that i created: echo '<form action="https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr" name="form1" id="frm1" method="post">';echo '<input type="hidden" name="cmd" value="_xclick">';echo '<input type="hidden" name="business" value="'.$rowsettings['paypal'].'">';echo '<input type="hidden" name="receiver_email" value="'.$rowsettings['paypal'].'">';echo '<input type="hidden" name="payer_email" value="">';echo '<input type="hidden" name="item_name" value="Gold Member Update for '.$_SESSION['BusinessEmail'].'">';echo '<input type="hidden" name="currency_code" value="USD">';echo "<input type='hidden' name='item_number' value='".$_SESSION['SellerID']."'>"; echo "<input type='hidden' name='amount' value='".$rowsettings['goldmemberfee']."'>";echo "<input type='hidden' name='custom' value='".$_SESSION['SellerID']."'>";echo "<input type='hidden' name='invoice' value='".$_SESSION['SellerID']."'>"; echo "<input type='hidden' name='payment_status' value='N'>"; echo "<input type='hidden' name='return' value='".$rowsettings['url']."/goldmember.php?pid=".$_SESSION['SellerID']."'>";echo "<input type='hidden' name='cancel_return' value='".$rowsettings['url']."/fail.php'>";echo "."; Best Regard,Virak
  4. Dear Sir,I tried with some Perl Scripts that talking about web crawler... but I still can't see the robot come out, when i process the code.Can you explain me more about that? I know that i still miss understand about how to create robot.Best Regards,Virak
  5. Yes..correct sir.. most of robots written in C, C++.But i am the one who familiar with Php than other programing.kindly please give me some clue?Best Regards,Virak
  6. I can try with PHP, sir.
  7. Dear Everyone,My name is Sopheak Virak, i am posting from Cambodia country...I really need your help to guide me or give me some clue on how to creat Web Crawling... i mean i want to creat "Orkun2uBot" this bot will present to all website which is published under Country Domain(.com.kh, .gov.kh, org.kh).. just like GoogleBot, MsnBot, Yahoo!Slurp, methabot...etcPlease give me some clue...I am appreciate for your help.Best Regards,Virak
  8. Dear Sir,Thank alot sir for telling about search engines can't read my page.I have tried with GD Functions but still can't, could you please tell me more clue?Thank you before hand.Best Regards,Virak
  9. Dear All,Can you guide me on how to do Covert text to Image?Because I want to protect my content website from someone who like to copy content from my website.Example:My Web Content is:One of the largest providers of online storage and web hosting services, has been operating since 2005 and offers both free and highly affordable commercial services.I want to do PHP Filter all the word "the", "and", "has" & "free" that show on the webpage become to the Image, otherwise still display as text.Hopefully I will get a good instruction.I would appreciate for your help.Best Regards,Virak
  10. Dear Support,I have problem with my website when i added LG(sub category) in to Mobile Phone Center(Category), it's appear duplicate.Before Add: Apple [4] BlackBerry [2] HTC [1] Motorola [5] Nokia [12] Samsung [1] Sony Ericsson [1]Duplicate After Added LG(Subcategory)Apple [4] BlackBerry [2] HTC [1] LG [2] Motorola [5] Nokia [12] Nokia [12] Nokia [12] Nokia [12] Nokia [12] Nokia [12] Nokia [12] Nokia [12] Nokia [12] Nokia [12] Nokia [12] Nokia [12] Samsung [3] Samsung [3] Samsung [3] Sony Ericsson [1]Please visit http://shop.orkun2u.com/supplier/product.p...CategoryID=1672for you reference.I try to edit sql statement again and again, but still appear duplicate,Would anyone can help me to write up the SQL statement to Group the Duplicate(Sub Category)Your help is appreciated.Many thanks and Regards,Virak
  11. Dear all,I have some problem with my textarea box that i use TinyMCE editor.I do a post date(text,image ..etc) into database: nl2br($_post["textarea"]);but when display databse on webpage: nl2br($date[textarea_value]);it display only TEXT that has table aligment but the image deosn't show at all.Anyone can help me on how to show image on webpage when i post data use textarea-tinymce.ThanksVirak
  12. Dear all,I really got stuck with the php code.I want to appear "new" in which Category that emplyee just do a job posted.example: - Accountant(1) - IT and Telecom(3) - Audit(2)"new"after emplyee posted into Audit category it's will appear "new" for 3days.Anyone can help me please.your help is really appriciated.Hear is the code: <?php$SYSTEM_CATEGORIES_LIST="";$arrCategories = explode("\n", $strJobCategories);$SYSTEM_CATEGORIES_LIST.="<table width='91%' style='margin-bottom:2px;margin-top:0px;margin-left:8px;margin-right:8px'>";$iCounter = 0;$arrJobCount = array();$tablePosting=DataTable_Query("SELECT count(*) a, job_category FROM ".$DBprefix."ext_postings,".$DBprefix."ext_employers WHERE".$DBprefix."ext_postings.employer = ".$DBprefix."ext_employers.usernameAND expires>".time()." AND ".$DBprefix."ext_postings.active='YES'group by job_category");while($arrPosting = mysql_fetch_array($tablePosting)){ $strCat = explode("-",$arrPosting["job_category"]); if(!isset($arrJobCount[$strCat[0]])) { $arrJobCount[$strCat[0]]=0; } $arrJobCount[$strCat[0]] += $arrPosting["a"];}foreach($arrCategories as $strCategory){ $arrCategoryItems = explode(".",$strCategory,2); if(strstr($arrCategoryItems[0],"-")) { continue; } if($iCounter%$NUMBER_OF_JOB_CATEGORIES_PER_ROW==0) { $SYSTEM_CATEGORIES_LIST.="<tr>\n"; } $SYSTEM_CATEGORIES_LIST.="<td width=\"".round(100/$NUMBER_OF_JOB_CATEGORIES_PER_ROW,2)."%\">\n"; $strLink = ""; if($USE_MOD_REWRITE) { $strLink = "http://www.".$DOMAIN_NAME."/category/".$arrCategoryItems[0]."/".format_str($arrCategoryItems[1]).".html"; } else { $strLink = "index.php?mod=search&category=".$arrCategoryItems[0]; } $SYSTEM_CATEGORIES_LIST.="\n<a href=\"".$strLink."\" class=\"category_link\">".trim($arrCategoryItems[1])."</a> <a href=\"#\" style=\"text-decoration:none;\">(".(isset($arrJobCount[$arrCategoryItems[0]])?$arrJobCount[$arrCategoryItems[0]]:0).")</a>"; $SYSTEM_CATEGORIES_LIST.="</td>\n"; if(($iCounter+1)%$NUMBER_OF_JOB_CATEGORIES_PER_ROW==0) { $SYSTEM_CATEGORIES_LIST.="</tr>\n"; } $iCounter ++;}$SYSTEM_CATEGORIES_LIST.="</table>";?> Thanks & Regards,Virak
  13. Dear FirefoxRocks,Thanks you so much.Regards,Virak
  14. Dear W3Schools,I try to search for 2days already, but still can not find the method on how to set limited selected to Select Box.<select><option>a</option><option>b</option><option>c</option><option>d</option><option>e</option></select>I just want to user can select maximum 3 selected only, how can i do this?Your help really appreciated.Many thanks & Regards,Virak
  15. virak

    Md5 Encrypt Or What?

    Dear Justsomeguy,Sorry reply you late:Here is my code. <?php$username = $_POST["username"];function genRandomPassword($length = 32){ $salt = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789"; $len = strlen($salt); $makepass = ''; mt_srand(10000000 * (double) microtime()); for ($i = 0; $i < $length; $i ++) { $makepass .= $salt[mt_rand(0, $len -1)]; } return $makepass;}if ($_POST['password']){ if ( strlen($_POST['password']) > 100 ) { $_POST['password'] = substr( $_POST['password'], 0, 100 ); } $salt = genRandomPassword(); $password = md5(stripslashes($_POST['password']).$salt) .':'.$salt; //Insert USER into database $query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM jos_users WHERE username='$username' AND block=0"); $pwd_sql = mysql_fetch_array($query); $cpasswd = $pwd_sql["password"]; if($password = $cpasswd) { echo "Logged in successfully."; header("Location: admin/index.php"); }}?> Regards,Virak
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