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    arrays ! help

    i have two phps name : random.php and data.php . Random.php is use to generate a array with set of random values inside ,code is like - //random.php (CURRENT)//here some code to generate random values.$array1 = array ("a","b","c");include('data.php'); in data.php i have data of arrays like this: //data.php (CURRENT)$file = array($a=> array ( "price" => 35, "label" => 30, "off" => 39 )//$b,$c are same type array as $a ); now i want that the that the values from data.php get stored into $array1 from random.php somehow , because i will be sending that da
  2. thanks for all help but those answers didnt solved my problem ,here is a same scene :http://codingforums.com/javascript-programming/32945-how-write-html-code-iframe-parent-document.html . i am continuously searching for the solution and in the mean time i learned basics of javascript and jquery.recently i found a trick that solved my problem here is a code of my trial : // JavaScript Document$(document).ready(function() { var x ;$("#button").click(function() { x = $("input[name=roption]:checked").val()$.post("score.php",{'user':x},function (data){ if (data ==""){var y;} else { $("#con_frame
  3. yes i think that javascript is client side ,so php is also needed for forms.
  4. thanks for answering guys and sorry i didnt made my problm clear . Here https://www.firedrive.com/file/D94F579BE9FD3861 is a demo html files i have working on . Open them to see what i am asking for help .
  5. I am a beginner and i want to design a website for other students like me . The website is about quizzes like in which u got a question and multi option,select right one .. that stuff . My plan is to make a main page "container.html" which contains a iframe and a button .Iframe will be used to display quiz pages "Q1,Q2,etc." and the button to change "ifame src= "" and submit the answer for example- Q1.html is loaded in frame,a person solves the quiz press the button then his answer is stored and next quiz Q2.html is loaded into frame . I have made Q1,Q2 pages with php and tested they work fin
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