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  1. done! yessssssssss .. I got it! thank you both so much, any way. ...and no ID needed. It is runing perfectly. Now... just refining. Look at this: ...foreach($lista as $value){$equ_Id = $value['equ_Id'];$equ_Nome = $value['equ_Nome'];$equ_Est = $value['equ_Estoque'];echo "<tr><td><input type='checkbox' name='chEquName[]' onclick='mostrarCampo();' value="".$equ_Id."" />".$equ_Id." - ".$equ_Nome."</td> <td>Estoque :<input type='text' name='tfEst[]' size='4' value="".$equ_Est."" /></td> <td>Solicitada :<input type='text' name='tfQtSol
  2. O got nothing.. even changing the code. Please just let me know that it's possible to do what I need, so I will spend the rest of my days trying find the way. It doesn't run!!!
  3. Hi, friends, this is my first time here (sorry for my english). I have rpoblem in my code and I've tryed hard to solve it unsucessfully! I hope someone can help me...The problem: The form runs almost perfectly, except for the javascript function "mostrarCampo()". It should show an "imput field" each time I check the checkbox beside it. It happens that it shows only the first input. Here is the code: [background='light grey']//-----------------function Javasscript (in a file .js)------------------//function mostrarCampo(){ var nameForm = document.forms[0].name; switch (nameForm) {
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