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  1. noway sir, actually i have written PHP code. and its working too. but my senior not accepting PHP code. really i dont know how to use cookie/local storage, i mean where i have to declare .....check this PHP code sir, its working in WAMP server. 1.register page. register.html <html> <head> <script language="javascript"> function validateForm() { var loginname=document.forms["RForm"]["Lname"].value; if (loginname==null || loginname=="") { alert("please Enter Login Name "); return false; } var password=document.forms["RForm"]["Pass"].value; if (p
  2. where i have to use this.... can you please edit my code...please sir. thanks vignesh nayak
  3. can you please help me with local storage or cookies . please send me the code for it. thanks vignesh nayak
  4. i just want to login 1 time. My senior told me to use Array or Session(no database,php, or asp.net or any other). but i dont know how to use array/session for storing and retreiving purpose.
  5. 1) i want to create 1 registration form contains login name,password,email,phone number. 2) once u submit the form data, login page should have to come, it contains loogin name and password. 3)login page should accept only previously register name n password. 4) for this you need to use only HTMl and javascript (no php,no asp.net, no database, any other language). here is my sample code. but in this code it will not store register data in array, login page will accept any data. please help out of this. 1. Register.html <html> <head> <script language="javascri
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