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  1. Cheers for the reply, but I am more looking for the method of having the play buttons talk to the main player in the header.
  2. Hi I wasn't sure exactly how to ask this so I made up a couple of mock-up pictures to help. I am making an audio website and currently I have each song in an html file being called into a list. they each have their own audio player. Works fine, but is a bit cluttered with many players on screen when the list is large. I would really like to have a master audio player in the header and each song in the list has just a play button when clicked will play the song in the main audio player at the top as shown below.I will have the main player at the top in a sticky/floating header so it remains on top and is always visible when scrolling. I hope this makes sense. Any help or guidance/tutorial links on how I can adjust things to achieve this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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