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  1. so comcast is trying to stop illegal downloads or to many downloads?
  2. yeah, bitcomet is slower than bitloard and p2p are alot better and download alot faster
  3. But i guess it's all good i have my IP masked
  4. Yeah I use my P2P for illegal stuff than because my PSP is hacked so all i do is download what ever game I want witch is awesome by the way
  5. Peer to peer files illegal?
  6. lol that works too lol, yeah it still doesn't work it's really annoing actualy, does anyone know how to use the tamper data in Firefox?
  7. lol well then, i think it is java, all i know is when my brother tryes to play games such as runescape on it, it sais java error or something of that nature
  8. It's an add-on towards firefox like you download it so javascript can run within firfox,I dunno how to explain it, but when i hit download upgrade it gives me an error but i have java script witch works on IE
  9. The newest version? I'm unsure, i downloaded the new one, i also run windows vista
  10. awesome, have you ever used bitlord? it's pretty fast, I download all my psp games pretty fast and movies and such, i get movies as soon as they hit the theater
  11. Has anyone used ISO hunt?Or useing Bit torrent files to download ISO files,games,music, etc.Downloading either Bit lord, bit comment, or something in that nature
  12. Full name: Robert B.Alternative name(s): RobBirth date(dd/mm/yyyy): 06-10-90Gender: MaleZodiacal sign: TarusCountry of residance: United StatesCity of residence: Rome, New YorkHeight: 5'7Weight:143Eyes: BrownHair: BrownSmoking/Drinking/Drugs: No-No-NoFavourite Music: Metal-Hard RockFavourite Movies:Anything Interest: SportsPets:Cat-Dog
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