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  1. This is getting way too technical for me.So all this would make the URL on every page look the same.Example www.runescape.comEvery page it's the same, so frames would do that?AM guessing the only way to see this work is to upload to my web server right?My website is www.beestonmethodist.org.ukI think the front page is either called "front page" or homepage can't remember.So if I wanted to make every page look the same it would be: <html><frameset cols="100%"><frame src="frontpage.html" /></frameset></html> is that right??Like I said sorry if am dumb and such a noobie at this stuff, I really appreciate the help.ThanksBeatles4.
  2. Ok, am sooo dumb and such a noob :)Ok so do I put that code on every page or just one?Do i have to change anything at all, or just leave it?Sorry for these stupied questions...
  3. Is it possible for you to give me the code for it or an example as I am a noobie at this?
  4. Hi everyone,Lol, I haven't posted in theses forums for a while.Anyway....1) I done my Church's website!Quite a few people are impressed by and am happy by it.Most of it was done by a program called "Net Objects Fusion 10"Now, I origonally coded the front page to have a door open, but net objects fusion doesn't like it, I know how to put the code in but the program doesn't use the code I put in would anyone know how?2) Also, I seen on some websites the url is the same on everypage, only if you right click, then properties then you know the exact page url, anyway how to do that?Thanks for your help.Beatles4
  5. Hey, thanks for fast reply,Yeah I made it so the user can deactivate it, because on the old site, it was in background where no one could change it, but I am redesigning the site, and now you can turn music on or off.And thanks you for help.
  6. Hello there,Here is the code, which works (supposed to work across all browsers?) <objectclassid="clsid:22D6F312-B0F6-11D0-94AB-0080C74C7E95"><param name="FileName" value="My Music File.mid"/></object> Anyway, is there a way to code it so the volume on it is a bit louder?And is there a way to code it to repeat X number of times?Thank you for your time and help.
  7. Hello,My name is Graham, I am learning html at the moment which is simple, but I am kind of dumb so I am finding other languages hard to learn, but would love to learn more then html!I hope I am also not of bother if I ask simple questions..I also like to help people as I can learn from that.
  8. Btw welcome to these Forums, am a newbie to, but I will try my best to help.OK, did you upload the pages but there not showing?Try the front page, renaming it to something like:-index.htmI am not sure, as it was a while when I had a webpage on the net, and that is what a webhoster told em to do if am right, if am not then forget this post I hope that might get you started?
  9. I agree with Reg Edit and I think it would be better in my opinion, to allow the user to change his/her thread title to say something like "Solved" or something along the lines.I know they do this in a another Forum for this site I go to and they try to reinforce it, but is optional but is useful to the community.
  10. Beatles4


    I am a newbie as well! :)OK, creating a link is simple.An example would be:- a href="url">Text to be displayed</a> The Url is what you enter to go to a website, use this if your sending people to another source.In the "Text to be displayed" is what people see so you could make This Brown writing the place where people click and takes you to the url.An example of an urlwww.w3schools.comWith this example:- <a href="homepage.html">Text to be displayed</a> is homepage.html, a document made by me, but that link refers to your document that you made and is going to upload to a server (your web page) if that makes sense?I hope I have helped you.
  11. Is it possible for someone on this bored to resize an image for me?(Like I said only 2 images)
  12. Hello there, Edit:-I got a friend to resize the picture, looks awsome, I mean, you wouldn't know if it was blurry or not untill you zoom in like 100% or 200% lol, it just looks smaller but same quality as before!
  13. Beatles4

    Avators Help

    Hello there,Edit: Yay, just added my avator, had to find on web though, still don't know how to use icon from windows.
  14. Am a noob at creating websites so if am no help then it don't matter just thought I try to help. The above has been taken from here...http://www.w3schools.com/media/media_browsersounds.aspExample of a object tag would be:-. I hope I have helped you, if not, then don't matter like I said I am trying to help even though am a noob.
  15. OMG OMG OMGTYVMIt worked like a treat!Can't thank you enough lol
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