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  1. Hi, Great tutorials and resources on this website. Thank you. I'm new to web development and have over the past few months been learning basic HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT. I struggled to understand JS in the beginning but I think I'm beginning to understand the basics and would like to progress further. Alongside this I am keen to improve my knowledge not only of coding but of general IT and computer systems and was wondering if you could recommend a reference book? To be honest I am quite behind a lot of people in terms of IT knowledge which worries me. In my workplace where my job is currently non-IT related I am often asked to help others, but this is mostly basic stuff (how to unzip a file etc) and a lot of the time I have no idea! I obviously understand the basic functions of computers, but things like LAN v DSN networks, how hardware works (ie. how does it process code to make software run), remote access, networks in general, servers, diagnosing/ understanding faults and basic error messages etc go completely over my head. Is there such a book which would be more useful for web developers which explains how servers fit into the web system, when they are necessary, how data exchanges work, how many/ size servers, maintenance etc?
  2. Hey, An over ambitious but keen novice here. Hoping to learn how to edit my blog and develop it. Lot's of ideas but not sure how to execute. Hoping to learn along the way? Seems like a great site..
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