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  1. The dutch language package is installed, still it has not translated these buttons.
  2. ty , i will be But i do can find that line, that is not the problem, in fact i had added the following Original line : <input type="submit" value="Apply Coupon" name="apply_coupon" class="button"> The code + translation : <input type="submit" value="waardebon toevoegen" name="apply_coupon" class="button"> To the syle.css, but its not enough...it need some code in order to let wordpress know, what and where to change. i dont see the structure of it all, it does not make sense to me yet. I would like to know how to edit all the english words to dutch.
  3. Sorry, what do u mean exactly by isolating the button, because text on the buttons i want to edit only appear when having a item in the cart. When i go to, dashboard ----> pages ----> all pages, and browse the pages that exist in that list i dont see a specific page that includes the buttons i want to edit, including the apply coupon button. I think its a woocommerce page and not a native one ?
  4. Hello Niche, here is the button, http://www.huisman-bv.nl/?page_id=364 Edit: i see now that u cant see the button, because u dont have any product(s) in the cart. Please choose a random product here, http://www.huisman-bv.nl/?product_cat=diversen And put it in the cart and go to, http://www.huisman-bv.nl/?page_id=364 Than u will see the 'apply coupon' button
  5. Hello people, I am Rik for Holland and i have setup my own website and trying to understand how it all works, and am doing okay for the most part because i use wordpress, but when it comes to coding i really have no clue. After so much trying by myself i came here to ask some questions about how to code the css. I have tried in numerous ways to edit these buttons, http://www.huisman-bv.nl/?page_id=364 i want to change "apply coupon'' to ''waardebon toevoegen'' But i cant because i don't understand the structure and the code. i have tried using the code style localizer plugin for wordpress, but it does not localize the words i am trying to edit. i want to learn how to code anyway, so it's not really a big deal. ( i thought) So i started to explore to style sheets and the functions.php, but i have really not clue what to write down in the style.css in order to change the text. I know that i have to start with .button and then followed by some code in order to see changes. But i dont see how to do that, also both my child and my original css sheets are empty. I cant find the word i try to edit anywhere in any files. I do inspect element (firebug) and edit the word from english to dutch, but after i have done that. i have no idea what to copy to the style sheet. I have tried hard to find it out on myself first, but i don't see the structure of it all, can u guys and girls help me learn how to do it please ? it all started here, http://theme.co/x/member/forums/topic/a-whole-lot-of-errors-and-i-dont-know-where-to-begin/#post-124721
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