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  1. I'm back with a new kind of machine.

  2. Wrong link above . Should be: http://www.workwithcolor.com/color-chart-full-01.htm Compare: https://www.w3schools.com/colors/colors_names.asp Has W3 Schools any access to a 'color name' dependent corporation or entity? Code is easier to find than color names, on Internet search engines.
  3. I think that this discussion is about CSS. Maybe, just maybe... Dodger Blue is not the only lonely kid on the block. How may divisions in MLB? Not to mention NHL. What am I missing out on? Jung Liu, "We have way more color names than you. But you just would not understand." Do any of us "understand"? X11 Color Names (only 145 of those listed by W3), Profiles (color), color keywords (above, I query adding other names to the established pattern), transparent and currentcolor keywords, simple SVG alpha compositing (for justsomeguy, what are 'excludes'?), extended color names (what are i
  4. So, the hidden self in every developer is a digital artist, with a 16.77 million color palette! Unless his display offers 1.2 billion colors, demanding 32-bit palette, and then 64 bit palette (current Adobe research)... and so on. In fact 1,2 billion colors in a 24-bit market is a bit of a conundrum, concerning differences in displays and printers. Higher color depth devices can detect lower color depth device variation, such that no two Galaxy or iPhone units are the same. True, this frustrates us all in to buying bigger and better. But take a more traditional perspective: French artist Rouss
  5. A final, important note concerning technology. I use a 1.2 billion color 32 inch CAD display, among others. Without this large, so-called 4K tool, it would be impossible to visualize all that is contained in this thread. In very few years, 4K will be very low-end, and everyone will be far more color-literate... and demanding. However wacky our clients may seem , tangled up in colors, X11 naming is not going away.
  6. W3C services all of us, together. W3C has delivered color name culture, into the heart of digital web development. We have been given STANDARD Hex associated Color Names. A standard that we can hide from, or market. Naming is the catchy part for most of us. At least as far back as DaVinci (Italian Renaissance), the immutable science of color has established those names with those hex values, or so we are told by those learned in such matters. That said, as Ingolme has noted, delivery of service is diversified in numerous color code methods: recommended RGB and HSL data 'patterns' are very popu
  7. W3 page on Color Standards X11 shows a 1-99 breakdown that I am familiar with over at Xxxxx (name redacted as advertising not welcomed). Namely, every Primary color can be applied using a fixed "primary" Hexadecimal stepping system. That system counts up using "primary" increments. Those increments diversify without color names. https://www.w3schools.com/colors/colors_x11.asp The W3 Schools page uses primary increments, but only for grey-scale. Here are the primary units for all colors. 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 88 99 AA BB CC DD EE FF X11 leans on photographic deployment of oi
  8. <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <style> /* .example1 { background: url(img_tree.gif), no-repeat, fixed, right top; } */ /* and/or */ #example1 { background-image: url(img_tree.gif), url(img_flwr.gif), url(paper.gif); background-position: right top, left bottom, left top; background-repeat: no-repeat, no-repeat, repeat; background-attachment: fixed, scroll, scroll; padding: 50vmin; } </style> </head> <body> <div id="example1"><!--div class="example1" id="example1"--> <
  9. CSS locks scroll on Tryit Editor! From https://www.w3schools.com/css/css3_backgrounds.asp to https://www.w3schools.com/css/tryit.asp?filename=trycss3_background_multiple When a shorthand url(img_tree.gif) is added to the mix with attachment property fixed value, or when existing longhand adds url(img_tree.gif), then the mouse-wheel scroll locks, cannot scroll. Side scroll-bar can be dragged to scroll. Oddly, sometimes scroll-bar use will unlock, sometimes refresh page and paste 'locked' code will unlock. Some setting is 'teettering-on-the-edge'! Tryit Editor bug. No files to sub
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