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  1. Hello,I'm trying to run a js that will open a child window, or if the window is already open, change the focus to that window. Here is the script: //use this one in Shoppingfunction openDes() { if (window.opener && !window.opener.closed) { // if the opener is closed window.opener.focus(); // change the focus to the opener: does not work in tabs: domainsecurity issue (?) } else { window.open('http://designer.kaneva.com/', 'designer'); // open designer in a new window } } the script works perfect if the pages are open in 2 different windows. However if t
  2. Your right. I tried \r, \n, \r\n, and \n\r. No success with any. Thanks though. I see a line on your test page. I think its because I'm using Safari but I'll continue to investigate. thanks
  3. I tried the disable and readonly attributes as well as border none and border white. I still get a grey line. I tried this but i don't think i tried it on the correct page. I'm guessing this should be implemented on the preview page. Doesn't seem to work on the preview page either. tried /r and /n no luck.document.getElementByTagName("pre").innerHTML = content.replace("\n", "<br />");
  4. I have a text area in the html form to submit the data. <textarea name="content" id="content"><%= Request.Form("content") %></textarea> The code is then displayed in the preview page. Your solution will work well here, except for the border that won't go away. <div id="fc_content"> <pre width="132"><%= Request.Form("content") %></pre> </div> After the preview page I pass the data via hidden fields either back to the initial from for modification, or on to the processing page where the html e-mail is generated. Again your solution works bu
  5. You said that you changed the valign of the TD that contains the nav table, yes? Is there any CSS that would be effecting it? padding? vHeight on the image? I'm afraid I'd have to see the page to be of anymore help.Dave
  6. You can also make drop-down lists using CSS. http://www.alistapart.com/articles/horizdropdowns I'm not all that familiar with AJAX, but my understanding is that AJAX allows you to get information without refreshing the page. Don't know how it would work for a nav itemDave
  7. Sound's like a plan. HTML and XHTML are close enough to make that transition easy. I recently made the transition to table-less layout . Its been an adventure
  8. Hello,I'm setting up a e-mail from that sends via asp. The problem I'm having is after I pass the data in the text field to the preview page, I use the pre tag to maintain formatting on the text. The copy, However, does not wrap to the next line it runs a single line breaking out the side of the document, even though there is a container div around the text.Does any one have any experience with this? Any ideas on how to get the text to wrap?Thanks in advance,Dave
  9. Thats what I thought. But when I move the variable up and comment out the dupes, the script breaks. Go figure. On a better note. If I strip out the onload function I created and just go with your code it works and is stable in IE6, Safari and Firefox. Thanks again,Dave
  10. That was great! Just the push I needed. Thank you. I'm now getting the desired effect: http://www.fullcp.com/test/My code ended up a little different. I tried moving the variable so it could be accessed by other functions but the script didn't like it. Any suggestions on cleaning up the code?Right now the script is breaking my css and not displaying correctly in IE6. the test looks fine but the page is messed up. anyone see anything obvious? I'll have to troubleshoot it tomorrow. Dave // Full Circle Navigation: JavaScript Document//Pre-Cache the imagesvar navItem = new Array(); navItem[0] = "
  11. Hello,I'm hoping someone can help me. I'm using the following script to pre-cache my nav images and create the rollovers for a site I'm working on. I'd like to identify the current page by activating the on state and disabling the onMouseOver event, but I'm having trouble putting the code together. I can do it manually by placing the on image and removing the call for the onMouseOver event, but I'd rather have some code that does it automatically.You can see the nav here: http://www.fullcp.com/test/My current line of thinking, is an if statement that uses either the body id or the url to stop
  12. daveWare

    date function

    Brilliant!I put the code into a function because I wasn't sure how to get the $time and $date variables into the $today variable. your solution simplified the code and I didn't really need the function at all. Best of all it works. I don't know why I didn' t think of it my self. I hadn't really worried about the math til last. I was more worried about it working. In case your interested here is the final code: /* Create the date Timestamp */$timeDiff = 3 + date('I'); /* the "date('I')" part is where it accounts for day light savings. */$timeZone = time() + ($timeDiff*60*60);$today = date(
  13. daveWare

    date function

    Okay, I reread the pages you suggested and put this: $today = theDate($date, $time);function theDate($date, $time) {$timeDiff = 7 + date('I'); /* the "date('I')" part is where it accounts for day light savings. */$timeZone = time() - ($timeDiff*60*60);$date = date('m/d/Y',$timeZone);$time = date('H:i',$timeZone);} In my PHP, When I look at the database nothing has been entered into the dateEntry field. Same thing that happened before. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?Further information; this is my INSERT statement INSERT INTO contact_tbl (dateEntry, fname, lname, address1, address2, city,
  14. daveWare

    date function

    On my contact form I want to include a date of when the submission took place. I've added the date function to my processor page: $today = date("m/d/Y H:i"); Now how do I add 3 hours to account for the difference in time zone. the server is running php 4.4.1.I know this is something simple but every combination so far doesn't work. Being new to programming I figure its time to call for help.Thanks,Dave
  15. I want to use a graphic for the submit and reset buttons on my form.Tried this: <table width="481" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> <tr> <td align="left"><input type="button" src="rar_images/btn_submit_alt.gif" class="submit" name="submit2" value="Submit to Right Angle Realty" /></td> <td align="right"><input type="button" src="rar_images/btn_clear_alt.gif" class="clear" name="clear2" value="Reset" /></td> </tr> </table> Tried this: <table width="481" border="0" cellspacing="0" cel
  16. So it doesn't really matter. Thanks!
  17. When dropping in a background image I've seen the code written several different ways and was wondering what the correct method is. Example 1 I believe this is how Dreamweaver writes it. background-image: url(../images/header.gif); Example 2 I've seen it written this way on the Web using double quotes. background-image: url("../images/header.gif"); Example 3 I've also seen it written this way on the Web using single quotes. background-image: url('../images/header.gif'); or does it matter?and if it does matter can I assume it applies to any property that uses url()?Thanks,Dave
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