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  1. Beeing in a HTML page how can I return a PHP array into a Form's datalist input ?
  2. Thanks, it seems that the correct instructions sequence is: x=getElementById("browserListInput"); option.value=x.value; If you would given: option.value=getElementById("browserListInput").value; the alert box would display "undefined". How did you know it?
  3. I've already read the example your link get me to. Have you really tried to get the text from the textbox of the datalist? This is what I want and I didn't found any example.
  4. I don't know how to insert the text written in the datalist textbox as a new item in the datalist options. In fact I don't know how to read the text written in the datalist textbox in a variable. I've tried to read it as I would do with a text input but it doesn't work.
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