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  1. Hello I have some trouble with a special XML-document. The XML has only 3 nodes like the below the example: <solidName> <unknownNode> <everytimeTheSame>blablabla<everytimeTheSame> <everytimeTheSame2>blablabla<everytimeTheSame2> <unknownChildNode> <everytimeTheSame>blablabla<everytimeTheSame> <everytimeTheSame2>blablabla<everytimeTheSame2> <unknownChildNode> <unknownNode> <solidName> I need to select the unknownNode and the unknownChildNode to use the function <xsl:value-of select="everytimeTheSame"/>. I tried to use a for-each select function, but I found no way to get the unknow Name of the node. Are there any possibilities for my problem? Is it possible to say <xsl:for-each select ="NodeNumberX ">? I hope you understand my problem. Thanks a lot! th227
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