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  1. Hi, I have a script that works properly, shows an image and you can drag and drop that image. But my problem is: how I can add more images? I thought copying the code would appear another image, but it is not. Thank you. <script src="http://d3lp1msu2r81bx.cloudfront.net/kjs/js/lib/kinetic-v5.0.2.min.js"></script><script defer="defer">function drawImage(imageObj) { var stage = new Kinetic.Stage({container: "container",width: 800,height: 600});var layer = new Kinetic.Layer();// darth vadervar darthVaderImg = new Kinetic.Image({image: imageObj,x: 100,y: 30,width: 40,height: 40,draggable: true});// add cursor stylingdarthVaderImg.on('mouseover', function() {document.body.style.cursor = 'pointer';});darthVaderImg.on('mouseout', function() {document.body.style.cursor = 'default';});layer.add(darthVaderImg);stage.add(layer);}var imageObj = new Image();imageObj.onload = function() {drawImage(this);};imageObj.src = 'adorno1.png';</script>
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