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  1. I just want to know that if you have a "submit" button inside a <form> </form>, then it will submit all the information that is in that form? Or is something else controlling this? thanks
  2. Because I can still stack images together, and just add text to the next line (as opposed to using captions) and it will have the same effect without using these elements, are there another purpose for using these two elements? thanks p.s im aware that alt text can be used for SEO
  3. Oh i see, so the dimensions are really not for the image itself, but for everything else in the webpage, so as to keep the structure of the page before it loads. And it is only the added bonus of the image being able to scale using this feature as well. This is what i was missing, and couldnt figure it out because my connection is not slow enough. thanks.
  4. According to W3schools, it is helpful to use the height/width attribute because: "the browser does not know the size of the image, and cannot reserve the appropriate space to it." But, if i already scaled the image to the right pixel size that I want, shouldnt the browser then pre-load the image already in the correct size, which is by pixel size (since what other way should it load) This is what you want to do anyway because it takes up less bandwidth, So, if the image is already scaled to the right size, this then would render the height/width attribute redundant, or am I mi
  5. So when you use the <blockquote> element, you can put a "cite" attribute, and a web address as a value. e.g., <blockquote cite="http:.en.wikipedia......> But when you look at it as a webpage, it doesnt display the web address or have any other way to access it apart from viewing the page source. So, I was wondering what is the main purpose of adding the citation? My guess is its more for the SEO, or is there another reason for having it. thanks
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