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  1. If you didn't want discussion, WHY leave the topic open.
  2. Well I wasn't talking about myself having a second account :)I just wouldn't like it if people that didn't like me tried to tip the scale in their favor.Just trying to keep everything on the "up and up" so to speak :(Also, if they are super moderators (global moderators is the term on some message board software) then they can see IPs just like admin.It's only "forum moderators" that the admins can set weather or not they'll allowed to view IP.I don't think it was ever specified if the mods on here are "super moderators" or "forum moderators".But either way, that wouldn't matter has only the admins have access to the ACP the the SQL toolbox.
  3. So you named a file "favicon.ico" and uploaded to your root directory and it still doesn't work?
  4. Well it can be turned off on a forum-by-forum basis. So that wouldn't be a problem to just turn it off for that one forum.
  5. Just one quick question.What's to keep someone from registering multiple times and voting multiple times to "tip the scale"?Are IPs of everyone who voted going to be checked (by checking the SQL logs) to make sure everyone only votes once?
  6. Eric

    nav bar

    What kind do you want?verticalharazontaletc.colors, effects, whatThere are many ways to make one.
  7. Eric


    What is a html processeed page editor :)What is the error that you're recieving?What were you doing when you got this error?All this information is helpful when trying to answer a question.
  8. Maybe, but if you look very closely, there are usually a few bites taken off the filesize.So, for example, if the file had 552bites, if you remove "sold" and "green" and "px" (because a value is zero doesn't need to be defined by pixels or percentages) then look at the bites (not kilobites because that can sometimes gives a false reading of the actual filesize) then it might be something like 548bites.
  9. Do you have both p7snap.css and subhead.css uploaded?
  10. <meta> doesn't need a "closing tag" as the element itself is an "empty tag".If you're using XHTML syntax (instead of HTML) then you just "self close" the element, as I showed before.<meta http-equiv="imagetoolbar" content="no" />If using HTML syntax, you leave it as-is<meta http-equiv="imagetoolbar" content="no">Dynamic Drive only showed you the HTML syntax, it forgot about the XHTML syntax (as I showed in my post).
  11. "similar"?It's the same exact code :)I'm even supprised Dynamic Drive has it on their pages, as they usually only deal with "DHTML" stuff, and this <meta> tag is Static (Not Dynamic).lol, what will those crazy folks at Dynamic Drive think of next :(I can't believe they actually labeled it as "Disable Image Toolbar script"It's not a script
  12. If you have a border of zero, then why tell it to be green if there is no border to be green? :)style="border:0" works just as well, without the extra code of having "sold green" attached to it.The less the code, the less the filesize, and the faster the page load
  13. Sounds like you're using IE :)Have you tried this:<meta http-equiv="imagetoolbar" content="no" />It's *supposed* to stop the image toolbar from poping up on IE
  14. Eric

    IE 7 and CSS

    That has got to be the funniest thing I heard all night!
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