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  1. Thanks for your quick response Ingolme. I'm sure I'll have more questions but thank you for pointing me in the right direction! I was told to look into coding as I enjoy writing excel spreadsheets/programs. Coding much tougher than excel formula, but I'm enjoying learning it. Thanks again!
  2. Hello Everyone, I've recently joined W3schools and have a couple of questions. 1. In which order is it best to learn each subject, or does if matter? I'm currently looking into php/SQL/HTML in particular, but I can see that each time I learn one it relates to another - I understand that this is always going to be the case with learning coding/programming, but is there a recommended 'order' to learn each subject? Or is it best to learn the progressively all at once? 2. Moving into coding as a career. Realistic? I currently work within manufacturing but after 20 years really don't have the passion for it any more and feel that it is time for a change and to do something where I feel I can make a difference and that I will enjoy. After using formula to create small programs in Microsoft Excel, my interest in coding has grown over recent years and my passion really is in this area. I feel it is now time for me to change my career, but how realistic is it to find a role and how long does it take to learn enough to become capable of taking on a coding/developer role? (bearing in mind that I'm pretty much a beginner). As a guide I'll probably be studying 1 to 2 hours per evening and probably about 5 hours per weekend (so about 10-15 hours per week). I have a mortgage and planning a family in the next couple of years so really need to remain on a Salary greater than £20,000 per year. I'd be interested on hearing your thoughts, recommendations and any success stories similar to my above position! Thank you for your help! Dean
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