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  1. Use a php or asp (or any server side) script to send mail. There are plenty of scripts out there if you search google.Hope you fix it,alzable
  2. alzable

    load speed

    Definatly smaller/less images. If you have a bitmap image loading, it will by far slow the display time of the page. Whereas if it were a jpeg or gif, it would load much quicker. Also, look for a host that actually has a quick server or else you could be sending customers away. Server load time is important for this reason.
  3. Hi and welcome to w3schools bojangles!Im not a user of XML yet, but if I were to ask this question, I would first ask myself, why have they made it. If it was made there must be a proper reason. So it would not really be useless. But it looks like you did not know it's reason, and yes, you are here to learn!alzable
  4. Just work with notepad. It helps you learn to code without any help, whereas some programs have debuggers, code checkers, etc. They are useful but for best learning, use a program without them to begin with.
  5. alzable

    IE6.0 problem

    If this is happening to you how did you find this forum in the first place?Try a link: http://www.w3schools.comDoes a link work?
  6. Choco is very distressed...
  7. Hmm, it would be funny if someone who was meant to visit w3school.com came here!
  8. I still think, the link must be made larger, the home page has a tiny text link, whereas, it could have had more visitors flowing if it were like "Full Web Building References" and "Try-It-Yourself On-Line Examples". But this is out of the point of this post.alzable
  9. Well, yep, only if people want it pinned I will pin it.
  10. I have changed Another website to Another website/forum.Thanks boen_robot for notifying me of this. :)Also, do people think this should be pinned?alzable
  11. Please take a vote according to where you found the w3schools website/forums. Also if you want, post some details if you remember them. Please feel free to suggest any more options to add. I found w3schools on google and then, that was it. I had found a reliable, popular, free web development help site! I visit w3schools for web building all the time!alzable
  12. Yes, IE is related to Windows Explorer, in fact, if you type a web address into the windows explorer address bar, it morphs into the IE toolbars. And connects to the web, displaying the address you typed in. But, microsoft could take IE out of the start menu and desktop as a default. Funny thing is, I started with IE and I have used it ever sinse because, it was what I saw first (I was no wizz with computers at that time).alzable
  13. alzable

    small question

    It defines the speed of the computer procsessor. 1000Mhz = 1Ghz. My computer is 2.8Ghz/2800Mhz If your computer is 764Mhz, it is not probably very new and fast. This topic actually has got not much relation to w3schools therefore I am closing it.If this is not what you were intending or if it was about the World Wide Web (w3) please contact me and I may open it. But from what I can see, this does not have much relation to the web except the fact you use a computer with Mhz/Ghz to access it.Regards,alzable
  14. No, I think ashishrathore meant when the page refreshes the IFRAME should stay where the user had their scroll bar, therefore they have to scroll down to where they were every 6-8 seconds. The fact is, this would be hard to do in HTML. Im sure it would be possible in Java but as java is a much more complicated language, (simmilar to c++) you would have to be a very experienced programmer, and yes, this is getting out of the w3schools tutorial range.
  15. alzable

    hr help

    Try the CSS Tutorial (link on the w3schools home page). It explains how to colour/stylise certain elemants in your html. Or just use what Pollux said, if you don't have time.~alzable
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