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  1. I thought i'd add this: http://blogs.ifcode.com/webworldx/114/my-online-time/It's part-discussion, part-rant but there's some good points in there I think. I switched to Firefox last week in one of those "don't use IE and see what the competition is like" periods. Overall, i'm impressed with the speed and some of the features of Firefox Beta 2, but to be honest - there's not an overall jump in number of features between it and IE7 w/ Maxthon.
  2. Site Name: iFCode.comSite Description: A small website linked to a larger resource forum, supplying mods for remotely hosted board systemsSite Owner/Developer: MyselfSite Address:http://www.ifcode.comExtra Comments: The site's in need of a refit, but the links to http://blogs.ifcode.com and http://planet.ifcode.com look better, and the forum is a lot more interactive.
  3. Agreed, the name was arbitrary, i'm sure they could think up better. I think things like MSN Messenger has gone through relatively successful rebranding to the Live name, and a tagline for instance:"VistaBrowser: The New Name for Internet Explorer" would help new users greatly. The name isn't my main focus though, it was more Microsoft deciding to rewrite the age old engine. While I think we've all realised XHTML won't change the web world (see recent HTML 5 proposals revival), but the internet will change over the next 5 years. I just don't want to be seeing Internet Explorer 9 running of
  4. I don't think a Download Manager should be made a priority. The current programs available are more superior than it would be, and the "lite" download window they offer at the moment is fine for files smaller than 5MB methinks.SVG/XML yes.I think everyone should also watch the video that boen_robot added up before writing on Connect. IE7 isn't a great update to IE5.5/IE6 in terms of rendering or support.. and I think they're fixing things from the top-down instead of the base-upwards. Apparently there's people already working on IE8 (says the video). I wish those persons would consider rew
  5. Forgive me, as i'm writing this as i'm listening/watching, so it'll be a bit disjointedStandards vs Compatibility: He mentions that the SSL update killed quite a few ecommerce sites. But if they'd been standards compliant in the first place.. it wouldn't have mattered. I think a big push by Microsoft towards standards compliance in the face of developers telling them that their code may not work in future IE's if it's not standards perfect would go along way. Then the actual implementation of it would be a lot less "severe". Did the ecommerce sites also break in FireFox then..?Multiple Ver
  6. Err... isn't Opera the best standards browser, followed by Firefox? (I forget which way around it is.. seems to change every new version). I think IE's JScript language is the biggest non-standard, and their implementation of DXTransform.I'm not really sure what you're getting at.. but sounds like you need Linux. If you're looking to modify where every program installs itself in whatever folder.. I think that's for you. Or even a Mac....
  7. Are we even allowed to call that a "browser"? It's more like a "stopper" :)
  8. Completely agree Jonas. I run IE7, FireFox and Opera on my system, and am looking at installing older versions of IE (predominantly 4 and 5.5) as well as backdated Mozilla and Opera side-by-side for compatibility reasons. I also run Konqueror, Opera, Epiphany and FireFox on my linux setup.I think it might be going slightly far to say you should have all of them installed as standard.. but to be honest, we've passed the world where everyone was using the latest IE on the latest windows, and we should be attempting to cater for everyone if we're going to be creating sites. I'd much rather make
  9. Have any of you used WebPage Spy for IE? I've had it on my system for close to 2 years now, and I've built GreaseMonkey style extensions into my IE for ages, without a word and accessible from the right-click menu. I use Maxthon with IE7 Beta 2 (to combat the awful layout of IE7) and it increases the functionality no end. I couldn't live without my click-drag new tab function that Maxthon has, and i'm sure every other browser will be "supporting" (read, ripping off) it soon.I prefer Opera over Firefox too, to be honest.
  10. XMLHttpRequest might also be useful for this. Not too sure on how ASP implements this though, aspnetguy will probably know more than me
  11. I like the remove by index or text, that's quite a cool idea, but most of the other things just seem to be replacing one name for another (e.g. Items.Count and Items.length). I'd like to see the XHTML/CSS version though, have you seen: http://www.easy-designs.net/...replace.../final.html. I think that's a very nice CSS/JS way of creating a box, and you can use keyboard keys if you tab to it too Adding and removing items to that shouldn't be too difficult a job
  12. It wouldn't do the numbers after it, and yours would cause the num to go weird.
  13. That's okay, glad to be of some help
  14. What about something like:http://www.ifcode.com/javascript/order.htmlOr would you prefer drop down menus?
  15. something likenew RegExp(/fir(\d+)sec(\d+).gif/i);might be better than the split, but either way
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