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  1. But you can do CTRL+B in the wordpress RTE without it pulling up a browser sidebar...
  2. You can still save the fields somewhere in one of the profile fields without showing the normal boxes. Just do something like:if(location.href.match(/act=UserCP&CODE=01&showgender/i){}Hide the existing form and show your own. On click of your "submit" button, add the information back into the location field, and away you go.You'll need a bit extra, to load the info back in when they visit the &showgender link, and also on the usual CODE=01 page to remove the extra bits from the Location field (and put it back in when they submit), but that's about it really.
  3. Ideally you want to be validating all fields server side, the javascript bits are just for end-user experience - so they don't have to keep submitting the form and getting it returned with errors
  4. does tblBodyContent happen to be a <tbody>? IE won't let you insert HTML directly into the TBODY, you'll need to insert it into the row or td.
  5. Hi there. Save the data in another one of the fields and when the page loads, read the data from that field, append the drop down box to the page and use the selectedIndex to specify which one you've selected.So say, your "location" box will have something like:United Kingdom//Gender=2and you'll split it at "//Gender=", see what's after, and use that as your selectedIndex.=)
  6. I'm guessing you're using Visual Basic or equivalent to write the software? Why not just write the date of install into an .ini file and check that every time the exe loads? If it's after the 30 day period, redirect them somewhere else.Obviously that's a simple idea - you'd want to maybe encrypt the date so it's not easy to find and tamper with
  7. Kind of - but anyone that wishes "to keep popping up millions" of popups surely can't be doing it to aid a users' experience of a site...?
  8. Yes, it's possible in Javascript - just look at any script "generator" on the internet and it'll probably use js, and emulate what you're wanting.You just need to have some kind of submit button at the end, and when you click it, it adds the values in:document.getElementById('FINAL_TEXT').value = document.getElementById('BOX_1').value + document.getElementById('BOX_2').value ...... etc
  9. Hmm, or, you could have separate forms per option. Not sure how that would come out looking, but: <form><select><option>1</option></select></form><form><select><option>2</option></select></form><form><select><option>3</option></select></form> with each form going somewhere else..
  10. I thought there was a general consensus that these types of scripts were annoying, and unless there was a good reason for wanting them - we weren't helping out.
  11. Webworldx


    <script type='text/javascript'>var the_hour = new Date().getHours();if(the_hour <= 12){ document.title = 'Good Morning';} else { document.title = 'Good Afternoon / Evening';}</script>
  12. Use Bookmarks Manager in FireFox (Bookmarks >> Organise), and export it. Then use File >> Import / Export in IE to get them in.
  13. Hiya Prateek, i'm a huge fan of this one: http://www.ficml.org/jemimap/style/color/wheel.html, so any basing on that with a more advanced selection feature would be a gem =)When you say hex into int, do you mean hex into rgb or something else?
  14. As an update, I found this on my site: http://ifcode.com/home/index.php?option=co...4&Itemid=44
  15. Prateek, you can choose not to import your favorites from IE in the firefox setup process - i'm sure it's the same with other browsers.
  16. It's like installing 4 separate applications, they won't have any effect on each other.
  17. Yup, just put:BODY { display: none; }and:<script type='text/javascript'>function show_page(){ document.body.style.display="block";}window.onload = show_page</script>
  18. What exactly are you wanting to search? Just for a word/phrase on the page that you're on, or a full site search?
  19. You can encode/encrypt your webpage using javascript but anyone with a slight bit of JS knowledge or 5 minutes to look on google will be able to reverse it.
  20. Not with Javascript unless you want to start iframing things and doing some complex math to shrink the pictures, text, table size etc that you've written.I'm not too hot on PHP, but maybe the GD libraries have a feature like this? If it can screenshot server side, then shrink and save, you might have what you want.
  21. Why not copy it into box 1 then fire an onChange() that splits the string into the second box?I showed a proof of concept of this months ago when someone asked for an emulation of the "licence key" boxes in software installations where you can paste in your key over multiple boxes.
  22. I'm actually lost on what the questions are in this post, but somewhere in there I think you ask what "window.undefined = window.undefined" does. It's basically for older browsers, they don't have "undefined" in the global context, so you're just adding it in.The rest of the questions seem to be asking the same sort of things. If you're looking at something like:return a == bit'll return true if a is equal to b, or false if it's not.
  23. http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.ph...873&hl=date
  24. Well, you don't want to display: none if you're clicking "display BBCODE", but yes - that idea, maybe a little more advanced so the same link shuffles between show and hide.
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