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  1. i see!can i ask you another thing?theoretically,is there any way for me to actually write some js code which will compare 2 js files and return the rows with same id number??is there any tutorial to help me because i m dummy in javascript??
  2. really thanks for your time even if you arent going to be able to help me more!!thanks a lot for trying to help!i have to dig more i think!one last thing!the guys there told me to : create a generic rest service. In this generic service implementation: 2.1. Get first level object. 2.2. Get needed information from first level object. 2.3. Query DB with filter by info from 2.2.(use for this goal query/list service). 2.4. Receive result from 2.3. And put it into result object.(your result object should have all needed information). 2.5. Populate service response settings with correct respons
  3. there is an option to save the whole app as an eclipse project!can i send you this??i think that i have some ideas about where the problem might be! here is the eclipse project.. on ekloges+2014 (5).zipekloges_2014assetswwwa_athinas.jsi think that in line 97 it starts the restful service mapping.. from_name": "restservice1", "from_type": "SERVICE_RESPONSE", "to_name": "A_Athinas", "to_type": "UI", "mappings": [ { "source": "$['body']['party'][i]", "target": "$['mobilegrid_95']" },
  4. its my personal project for the actual elections..its not an official one of course!i m trying to make it for me,and if it works correctly to share it with family and friends!i m building it using appery.io platform. i m including screenshots of all states of the app so maybe you could figure out the problem! please please take a look!! i ve made a storage and a model as here: http://imageshack.com/a/img910/3508/WcqssY.jpg and http://imageshack.com/a/img912/6391/RdQ0QZ.jpg then i created 3 services.first,a rest which takes data from the .js file,stores everything on local storage. secondly i
  5. hello there!!i m building an app for the elections..in this app i ve build a rest service that takes data(votes,etc) from a .js file of another website,and presents them to some fields.the problem is that.on that js file,the creators provide only "party_id" and not "party_name" which is contained in another .js file.i copied the id's and the names to my database.and now i want that:when the first js file gives the "Party_id",to search the database and provide me the "party_name"..what i want to do is to compare the values given from the rest service and the database collection and to return th
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