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  1. Hello, Yes I am just playing with some few examples. It seems for full functionality there will have to be few of them. 1. One web service for one MSDOS program that is executed now as subprogram ,,,and is critical legacy component ran on one exactly PC so to be executed in open environment from database stored procedure, that MSDOS program will have to be wrapped into WebService It seems 2. For upper design I am now only trying to design architecture in open source technogolgy ( Postgress + Apache + Java ) and Oracle technology ...
  2. Hello, Trying to design and configure structure of the Web service that needs to be used in remote client ( thin or thick clients ) systems. Three Web services server suppose to provide full funcionality: 1. extracting from the client local system the data according to the predefined scheme from the central remote point. 2. validating just produced XML by taking it from the queue. 2.1 validation against schema 2.2 validation against the remote ( central ) database - references against registers/catalogues - used codes against other domains - validations on bulks/chunks of data in the XML ( all values of some field/column or two or many of them ) - some special validating procedures that 3. returning validation status through XML list of errors and apropriate logs or in case of passing all controls only notice on success 4. if the validation succeeded the XML is sent to central place in the status ready for unpackaging the data from XML and putting data into relational stables ( same that were used as valid Grateful for references, experiences and suggestion,
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