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  1. I created a automatic slideshow (attached) similar to the example on the W3.CSS Slideshow page. That works fine. I positioned the slideshow to the left and have half the page width to the right available for e.g. text.When I add text within the <body> and before or after <script>, the text appears at the top of the page and behind the slideshow. I tried several things but could not find a solution. Can someone give me a hint in order to solve above issue? AutoSlideShow01.htm
  2. Super thanks for the tip. It works perfectly!
  3. I am not very experienced in html so I hope someone can give me some help. The attached script I copied from W3Schools. What I like to do is to add text below the galerie, as a paragraph or so, insuch way it always stays below the pictures. I tried a lot of things without succes. Any suggestions? TEST01.htm
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