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  1. hm.. thank you men, but interresting, when i use the code with { } then i got an error message XPST0003: Unexpected token "{" in path expression i used this and now it worked, but do you have an answer to the error code?yes i know, brackets on wrong position :-) {for $x in doc("books.xml") /bookstore/bookreturn for $y in $x/author return <name>{data($y)}</name>}
  2. HI everybody i have done the xquery tutorial, but i have a question.in the xml document there is an book entry with more then one author,as example i have postet one example here:<book category="Test"><title lang="en">How it works</title><author>Max Mustermann</author><author>Susi Sorglos</author><author>Herbert Bauer</author></book>Now i start a query, with the following code line.for $x in doc("books.xml")/bookstore/bookreturn<name> {data($x/author)}</name>i got all the autors, but in one line,.<name>Max Mustermann Susi Sorglos Herbert Bauer</name> do you have an idea to get a result like this`: <name>Max Mustermann</name> <name>Susi Sorglos</name> <name>Herbert Bauer</name> cheers Christian
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