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  1. thibo1025

    recusive scandir

    Hello W3C's,I would like to create a Php function to show teh content of a dir like this. And I cannot figure out how to scan dir1.1 properly.any help
  2. there are other ways to define ways to change your pages: either you put the php code at the top of your page, eitheryou can use the meta or the javascript technique
  3. thibo1025

    beginner in php

    remember taht using a localhost means that you cannot acces pages with a php script if they are not in the specific folder used for that.and that the way to acces this folder by your browser is to type http://localhost/ read the "readme" file of your package to understand how it works.
  4. thank you for this detail justsomeguy, I am amased I didn't see such an evident error. but however it didn't solve my problem:I want that when I send a text with a textarea it dose not turn ' into \' .is there a proper way to do it. I know it is probably an error in the sintax of what I want to change but I can't find the right syntax.thank you.
  5. I know the bbcode problems have talked over and over about this function and preg relpace I am part of the people who still have some problems with it.her is my code function errorfix($strText) { $strText = str_replace('<','<',$strText); $strText = str_replace('>','>',$strText); $strText = str_replace('"','\"',$strText); $strText = str_replace('\'', '\\\'',$strText); $strText = str_replace('\\', '\\\\',$strText); $strText = str_replace('amp;','&',$strText); $strText = str_replace(array("\r\n", "\n", "\r"), '<br>', $strText); return $strText;} of course my text is modified by this function when send ( $text = errorfix($text); )but as a final: I have some erros that are not fixed:' -> \'" -> \"any idea? thx thibo1025
  6. thibo1025

    online fonts

    right so yhere is no other possiblity than images...I can always propose the users to istall the fonts but it is not a great alternative.Thank you anyway!
  7. thibo1025

    online fonts

    Hello I'm not exactually sure if this should go in the css part but... can I use a font that is online to show text in an internet page?If yes How is it possible?If not how else than using images can I go around it?
  8. thibo1025

    simplexml problem

    Thank you for your help. I can now figure the whole thing out.I thought of doing it in XSLT first but I feal more confident with php for other parts of this system.
  9. thibo1025

    simplexml problem

    Ok it looks like something like that: if($login = TRUE){$xml = $user.'.xml';$xml = simplexml_load_file($xml);echo "<div class='mailbox'>"; foreach ($xml->mail as $mail) {//I want to put a link here to go to the mail. echo "<div class='mail'>\n"; echo "<div class='author'>".$mail->from."</div>\n"; echo "<div class='title'>".$mail->title."</div>\n"; echo "</div>\n";//this would be the end of the link.}echo "</div>\n"; As I know there is a way to get the number of the mail as though $xml->mail[0]->from == "someone".but I want got be able to get that 0 right there out of the foreach. that way I can add-in a link to the mail.
  10. thibo1025

    simplexml problem

    I tryed to ask this question somewhere else but I was not understood correctly.so in a XML page for an example: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?><maillist> <mail> <from>someone</from> <title>something</title> <text>sometext</text> </mail> <mail> <from>guy</from> <title>hey!</title> <text>Hello World</text> </mail> <mail> <from>Her</from> <title>Hello</title> <text>How do you do</text> </mail></maillist> So here is my problem:If I want to show on the first place only the author and the title but in a div that links to a page where I can show the text.but When I use the foreach to get the information out of the xml page I do not Know How to get the number in the code as mail[0] mail[1] and all can someone tell me how I can get this number out of the foreach?
  11. thibo1025


    talking about xml ... I have a problem in simplexml...les say I have a tree like: <root> <child>text1</child> <child>text2</child> <child>text3</child> <child>text4</child></root> xml->child[0] == text1but How can get the 0 number if I get from a loop that looks like this: foreach ($xml->child as $child) { echo $child;}
  12. thibo1025

    file path

    I know there is a funtion for that and I need it. How get I get the path of the folder a certain file is?as is I have a file wich is:'http://www.mysite.com/myfolder/myfile.php'what should I put in that file for it to show:'http://www.mysite.com/myfolder/'
  13. thibo1025

    change a file

    Thanks Now I know how to extract information from XML But I want to add information...
  14. thibo1025

    change a file

    I know how to add text in a file , that is not a problem. My question is: is it possible to delete parts of text without deleting all the text like for example:I have a test.php file which with a form inputs text in a xml file.but then my problem in the xml file is that if my base element is <base>, I need to close it and afterwards I can't add anything more to my file.so is it possible to take the file explode the content to get </base> out of it and then to write again in the file.I thought I could get the content of the file, then use explode("</base>","myfile.xml") and then I only know how to get what is after de </base> not the part before...I know this message is unclear and I apologies but this problem is confusing for me.
  15. you could always do like this: <html><head><title>myPage</title><script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">function resetform(){document.getElementById('myForm').reset();}</script></head><body onload="resetform()"><form id="myForm"> ....</form></body></html> This way, when the body will reload, the form will reset
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