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    Paypal payment

    Hi, I hope I'm in the right forum. I have a problem with paypal, I want to use PDT, so I read the Documentation about PDT (https://developer.paypal.com/docs/classic/products/payment-data-transfer/) But no where there written what is the link the auth the transaction. To which url should I do a request in order to verify the transaction?
  2. Hey all, I want to send data to server using AJAX But I dont want to send it via post/get variables I want to send the data in the request body in JQuery I just do: $.ajax({ url: 'someurl', data: 'foo' }); But how can I do it in Pure JS ?
  3. Hey all, I want to install ffmpeg on my localhost I have xampp version;5.6.8 PHP 5 What I need to do to install it? I run before search on google and I found some answers in some forum but the links there was broken
  4. thanks, its not possible to do this in one query?
  5. hey , suppose i have the next table: ---A-------B--- 1 2 2 3 now, i need to know how many rows there is from each value, for example the result should be: A - [1] - 1A - [2] - 1B - [2] - 1B - [3] - 1 how can i do that? EDIT: I know which values will be in each culomn
  6. who is Webkit? thanks on the link to msdn, now i know its support since 5.0 :} in mdn says that they support only from > 40 you know a replace for this propety for old versions of Mozilla?
  7. be sure its biased, its work for me in IE and Chrome, so tell me, is thereis no other way to check it for sure? IE , Chrome, Opera .... dont have Documetation that shows this stuff?
  8. i read the first link that you gave when i search in google, but the meaning of: they dosent say which broswers support, they only say that the imlementetion is inconsistently, whats the meaning of that? thanks for the other link.
  9. hey, i use the offsetX propeti on the mouse event object and i want to know in which broswers its supported? also, is there anyway to get the elements with some classname withos getElementsByClassName method?
  10. yes , i try now... i just think that this variable belong only to cart...
  11. i know, but want i want is to set the cmd variable to _xlick, mean buy now, and then i cant to use the bussines variable...?
  12. i read about this variable, bus as you can see in the page i gave before there is an explantion berfore this variable that says and i'm quote: what i understand that this variables uses only for shopping cart....? am i wrong?
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