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  1. hello , i have seen here: http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_iframe.asp, that you specified the value of width and height pixels, so i concluded that pixels yes percent no, its right? because when i do to iframe width="100%" its work (at chrome at least).dose its work in all browsers and all versions? its legal? if not , with css its possible? edit: now i see this : http://www.w3schools.com/tags/att_iframe_height.asp , and you wrote there that in html 5 % dosent work. what i can do?
  2. hello , i have a <div> with class "nav" and i want that all the links inside will be design somehow. so i did that: .nav a:link , .nav a:visited { padding: 7px 20px; font-weight: bold; font-size: 20px; color: white; text-decoration: none;} but its not working, what have i done wrong?
  3. i passing to getSel the object getSelection(). so if toString remove the html code how can i get the selected text with the html ? EDIT: i dont think you right, because the the start and the end positions suitable to a string without html tags, so its have nothing with the toString method.
  4. hey, i have editable div , and i want to get the selected text from. the problem was is that i want that when i press some button in the page it will wrap the selected text with something, but it dosent work because when you press on the button the selection is gone so i did onmouseup event in the div that call the function getsel(below) that save the current selection: function getsel (s) { text = s.toString(); start = s.anchorOffset; end = s.focusOffset;} and then when i press a my button i did this function: function show () {div = document.getElementById('bla');div.innerHTML = div.innerHTML.slice(0, start - 1) + "<b>" + text + "</b>" + div.innerHTML.slice(end);} its work great, but only with something like BBcode,because the getselection object refers to the selected text only without the html inside him, for example if i have in my div the next text: "Hello World"; and now i will select the word "Hello" and bold it with my function it work great, but now if i want to bold: "World", there is a problem, because the location of the start and the end that i get from the getselection object match to the string without the html, and the innerHTML including the html tag and then when i use the location in slice method its not match to the innerHTML text. what can i do?
  5. how can i get the selected text in text area and change it ?
  6. i read the chapter about prepare but i dont want to use it , its not comfortable, is there is a function that can prevent the ALL SQL Injections?
  7. Nati323

    rexexp and objects

    the rexexp in js are the same in php?
  8. first of all thank you very much, second: you right in case like this one, where the rexexp is simple , so you can solve this with string functions, but if you have a complex exp like a URL exp and you want to bold the all url's in some text, what do you do then? what i mean that i remember that in some programming languages there is some thing like a variable that contains the match , for example : txt.replace(/[abc]/g, "<b> %match </b>") %match contains the match from the regexp, there is something like this in js? For example in php: $result = preg_replace('/([abc])/', "<b>1</b>" ,$my_text);
  9. Nati323

    rexexp and objects

    hello, where i can find tutorial about RexExp and Objects in php? in your website there is no one of this subjects...
  10. no whitespace, i want to do something like this, suppose i have a string like this: a b c d e f g h a i want to change it to this : <b>a</b><b>b</b><b>c</b> d e f g h <b>a</b> 2) i know it was just for the example...
  11. hello, i have a problem suppose in need to sress all a chars , so i do something like this: txt = "d c a vv x c x";document.write(txt.replace(/[a]/g, "<b> a </b>")); but, what i need to do if want to stress the chars a , b and c? txt = " a vv x b d c c x";document.write(txt.replace(/[abc]/g, ? )); ?
  12. i mean together... i need that the text will be aligned to the right and justify, the same text...
  13. hello all,how can i do text-align justify and right?
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