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  1. I'm sorry this topic can be closed. The solution has been found.
  2. I have this so far: function displayScore() { var textField = document.getElementbyID("score"); textField.style.color="blue"; if (localStorage.clickcount) { localStorage.clickcount = 0(localStorage.clickcount) + 5; } else { localStorage.clickcount = count + 1; } } I have been given no errors with my html document but it isn't working. I feel like I am still missing something.
  3. Now would this have to go into the score function or could this be it's separate entity? I'm sorry, I'm a very slow learner when it comes to programming.
  4. Hello world! I am new to programming, and I need help with an assignment. I do not think my professor left us intentionally in the dust, but I believe he just hasn't covered this yet. Anyways, we are creating a text adventure with html5/javascript and one of the objectives is to keep score when you click on an option. My options are go north, south, east, and west. On the first click to these areas you get 5 points, otherwise you only get 1 point. So far I only have this part of the code for score done: function displayScore() { alert ("Score"); } document.write('<span id="sco
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