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  1. Thank you for this example, but I don't want table heads in bold; can I avoid this?
  2. goonerray71

    Tab columns

    Is it possible to create tab columns with varying widths, so that they are not all equal? For example, 6 columns: col 1 5% col 2 25% col 3 40% col 4 10% col 5 10% col 6 10% thanks
  3. thank you for this, but where in CSS file do I enter this information?
  4. goonerray71

    Table heads

    How do I stop table heads from being bold?
  5. Many thanks dsonesuk I am still having a problem with the headings being centred; I need them ranged right. Also, I don't want the last column head centred on the single line of the first two. Ideally they could be treated as text lines, ranged right, but without the dots in the third column. Cheers, Goonnerray
  6. Many thanks dsonesuk. That works really well, except that I don't want the headings bold or the 2-line heading centred on the space as a span. I can change the data to td instead of th but then I get the dots in column 3 which I don't want on either of the two head lines. Any suggestions? Your help is really appreciated. cheers, Goonerray71
  7. thank you for your help, but I still have trouble trying to create the following: SHIRTS (6 May) These are available now, TIES These are available soon Worn New Soiled Once 1 Wh 4 Clean.................. £5.00 £1.50 2 1 Clean................. £4.50 £1.00 £1.50 3 2 Worn................. none none .50 Here I need an image to appear centred in table
  8. How can I set different text alignments within the same line of a table? For instance, the line starts with text aligned left but all the table columns needs to be aligned right. This is the text on the left 123.00 45.00 123.99 Another line 1.50 100.00 0.90 Above is rought example
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