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  1. Gema

    Helps with AccionScrip

    thanks. More Human Than Human. Really what desire is it scale. Then do I limit myself to taking this part of code or deberia to changing?
  2. Gema

    Rule @face font

    Hello: It wanted to answer to several members who have wanted to help me I tape-worm understood that with the typography ttf tape-worm that to work in all the current explorer. I don´t forgot to assign it to an element. And the filename doesn't necessarily have to match the font name. This where my mistake?
  3. Gema

    Rule @face font

    Hello: The code is @font-face{ font-family:"Avenir-n"; src:url('fonts/AEBL.ttf') ;}@font-face{ font-family:"Avenir"; src:url('fonts/AEM.ttf');} I have folder name fonts with AEBL.ttf y AEM.ttf thank
  4. Hello: I need a movie fits flash to the size of an adjustable div to the size of screen. I have tried it with the following code placing it in the first paper clip of the movie but it does´t work. import flash.display.Stage;import flash.display.StageAlign;import flash.display.StageScaleMode;import flash.events.Event; var swfStage:Stage = videoScreen.stage;swfStage.scaleMode = StageScaleMode.NO_SCALE;swfStage.align = StageAlign.TOP_LEFT; function resizeDisplay(event:Event):void{ var swfWidth:int = swfStage.stageWidth; var swfHeight:int = swfStage.stageHeight; } Can they help me?Thank you in advance Gema. swfStage.addEventListener(Event.RESIZE, resizeDisplay);
  5. Gema

    Rule @face font

    Hello: I´m new member. I need help whith rule @face font. It place on CSS but It does not work. I use current explorer Moxila. Does alquien know the reason of that does not work? thanks in advance
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