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  1. I changed the page charset to UTF-8. Strangely it had no effect. But I have a theory. I was copy and pasting the text... so the OS would convert the text from UTF-8 to some other charset.Anyways, the fix was to open the file in Notepad and then save it as UTF8. Like FirefoxRocks suggested.
  2. Whenever I copy/paste some utf8 encoded text into my webpage I get undefined characters. Because my charset is iso-8859-1. This is a common problem for me, and I end up searching through the file looking for the undefined characters by hand. Does anyone know of program(preferablly web app) out there that can covert a UTF8 file into iso-8859-1. Or any other suggestions for a solution would be great. An idea I have for a solution is to set the charset to UTF8, but I don't know if that would cause more problems than it solved.
  3. I am getting a gap between my images. Tried all sorts of stuff. Eliminating white spaces between tags, using yahoo csshacks, set margin-bottom:0px, etc. I'm sure it is simple... just know I tried everything I could think of.Here is a link: http://cstd.k-state.edu/Playground/imageGap/index.html
  4. Resolved.Old code <div> why is there</div><div> a gap between these divs.</div> new code <div>because ie reads the return carriage</div><div>content must be squeezed between div tags</div>
  5. That still didn't fix it. I've narrowed down the problem. It has nothing to do with tables. It is simply two divs are having a gap between them on Internet Explorer. Here is the updated test link and code.Link: http://www.k-state.edu/sctd/theatre/divsintabletest2.htm <div style="style1"> <img src="slices/a-3.jpg" alt="Link to KSU page"></div><div style="style1"><img src="slices/a-2.jpg" alt="Link to SCTD portal"> </div>
  6. So I am trying to place two divs inside a table. When I do, there is a space between them only for internet explorer. Check out the pic showing the problem <table> <tr> <td> <div> <img src="slices/a-3.jpg"> </div> <div> <img src="slices/a-2.jpg"> </div> </td> </tr> </table> the page: http://www.k-state.edu/sctd/theatre/divsintable.htm
  7. In the picture I have circled the difference between how FF and IE display the page.
  8. Could someone tell me why things are out of alignment at the top of this page(by where it says "Speech, Theatre & Dance HOMEPAGE" in Internet explorer.http://www.k-state.edu/sctd/theatre/listdev4.html
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