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  1. This is a very difficult question to explain. Other approaches will be considered. If I posted the code/program, you would find it useless believe it or not. If you believe not then I will post it on your request and prove my point. (: The program I am using accepts code through a template and therefore is not, in itself executable code. The user calls for templates as needed. To see this in action, you would need a server with Moodle (Linux, Apache, PHP5, etc) running and have the Generico Filters plugin installed. If you do, and you understand the program, then I could send you the
  2. I have been running in circles on this. The web page is to list a few check boxes and when clicked, a sum total should be displayed with each click. [] 5 [] 7 [] 9 When 5 is checked then 5 is displayed. Then when 9 is checked, then 14 is to be displayed. Now if 5 is clicked again then 19 will be displayed. A reset button will clear all checked boxes but I have that coded already. I would rather not use an array but will consider it. This should be only Javascript.and HTML. Thanks
  3. AARGHHHH. After all that fine explanation, I realized how to do it. `<span id="Electronics"></span>` How cool is that?
  4. Although Name tag works, the validator chokes on it and I tried the suggested Section tag but it has too much baggage and ruins the image of my web page. Is there a replacement for Name? I have my glossary hyperlinked with `<a href="#Electronics"> Electronics </a>` and `<a name="Electronics"></a>` as the landing mark. It works perfectly because I can send the reader to the center of a paragraph when I need to. Apparently it is now obsolete. I finally found the method to use the Section tag. I still use the same `href` but have Section instead of Name. I
  5. Originally called Black/White lettering, it allows letters to be seen clearly on multi-colored backgrounds such as sunsets. I would upload a pic but cannot see how to do it..... It is not an outline nor a shadow although MS Powerpoint claims it is a shadow. Imagine a letter of one color being set on top of the same leter, same size, of a contrasting color, but slightly offset on a diagonal.
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