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  1. Sorry i am square-headed sometimes. I will learn and try again. Thank you for your hints Lucy and dsonesuk
  2. Tezzo: I have tried your code and replaced the url, but without results, thank anyway for your interest and effort. dsonesuk: I know that i must add a DIFFERENT file clled something.css but that also doesn't solve the matter I wonder if there is any way to solve the problem
  3. I have looked on tutorials. Here is my new #section{ position: absolute; width: 1386px; height:1496px; background-color:transparent; h1{Font-family:"IM Fell English"; color:black; font-size: 18px;text-align:justify;> <img>:(URL=http://s1056.photobucket.com/user/gonzalo_gomez_fernandez1/media/pergaminos%20en%20blanco1_zpscecz9grg.png.html][IMG]http://i1056.photobucket.com/albums/t365/gonzalo_gomez_fernandez1/pergaminos%20en%20blanco1_zpscecz9grg.png(/IMG)(/URL)</img> } (still not working) code:
  4. This is my code: #section{ h1{Font-family:"IM Fell English"; color:black; font-size: 18px;background-color:white;text-align:justify;> width:1440px; float:left; padding:5px; <div style="background-color:transparent;background-repeat:no-repeat;background-position:left top; background-size:1400px 2400px; background-image:url("http://i1056.photobucket.com/albums/t365/gonzalo_gomez_fernandez1/images_zpswxcfc86w.jpg")></style>} Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx in advnce...
  5. I just wonder why this page: http://atheniancorner.comlu.com/Atheniancorner/%dcber%20Politik.html and this other, with exactly the same code except for its contents, doesn't show special characters for german, but a question tag: http://atheniancorner.comlu.com/Atheniancorner/Erste%20S%e4tze%20auf%20Griechisch.html For some unexpected reason, i can't validate the code of the failing webpage :'(
  6. Thanks but i am glad with my own solution. A million thanks for your useful hints!!
  7. I got it! Here is my code: <style>#header{ position: absolute; width: 1430px height: 50px; background-color:black; color:white; top: 0px; right:0px; left:0px; align: fixed; text-align:center; padding:5px;} http://atheniancorner.comlu.com/Atheniancorner/Advanced%20%28Thucydides%29.html Thank you for support and i hope this works also for Nati323!! =)
  8. <!DOCTYPE html><html><style>#header{ background-color:black; color:white; text-align:center; padding:5px;#section{ @font-face { font-family: Cyprus; src: url('http://atheniancorner.comlu.com/Cyprus_21-webfont.woff'); body{"font-family:Cyprus, serif""color:black""background-color:white"} h22{Font-family:Cyprus; color:black;background-color:white;text-align:left;} width:1440px; float:left; padding:0px; }<head><div id="header"><h2>ATHENIAN CORNER</h2></div> </head> <br /></div><br /><br />
  9. Sorry, but zero-ing padding and/or margins result in disappearing the black rectangle. Thanks anyway. See what i am trying: <!DOCTYPE html><html><head><style>#header { font-fmily:"IM Fell English"; background-color:black; color:white; text-align:center; padding:0px;}</style></head><div id="header"><h1>ATHENIAN CORNER</h1></div>
  10. I have the same problem, my black rectangle, which i want to occupy the top of my page, allow unwanted white borders around my rectangle, even if i input margin-left etc to -2em. I want not white space between my rectangle and the "real" border of the page. Here is my html code: <header id="head" style:{background-color:black}><div class="container" style="text-align: center;background-color:black;"><a href="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-doPbtdUaEl0/VQWQejg7isI/AAAAAAAAA0E/v-wLWVXV100/s1600/logotipo.png" imageanchor="1" style="; margin-right: -2em; margin-top: -2em"><img bord
  11. Thank you justsomeguy i got a friend's help and now my php script is working fine. I still have so much to learn!
  12. Any hint would be grealy appreciated
  13. <button onclick="myfunction()">Submit</button><?phpfunction myfunction(){ golbal $qual; if (document.getElementById('nota1').checked) { $qual++}; if (document.getElementById('nota2').checked) { $qual++}; if (document.getElementById('nota3').checked) { $qual++; echo "Your score is: $qual out of 30"}; else {echo "First check the answers you think correct"};}?> I don't understand why this php snippet (which i have included in a html with a form in it) is wrong. When i click "Submit" button nothing happens.
  14. It's a trial in order to the user to get qualification of an exam i want to publish
  15. <script>function myfunction30(qual){ golbal qual; if if(document.getElementById('nota30').checked) { qual++;}}var qualy=myfunction1(qual)+myfunction2(qual)+myfunction3(qual)+myfunction4(qual)+myfunction5(qual)+myfunction6(qual)+myfunction7(qual)+myfunction8(qual)+myfunction9(qual)+myfunction10(qual)+myfunction11(qual)+myfunction12(qual)+myfunction13(qual)+myfunction14(qual)+myfunction15(qual)+myfunction6(qual)+myfunction17(qual)+myfunction18(qual)+myfunction19(qual)+myfunction20(qual)+myfunction21(qual)+myfunction22(qual)+myfunction23(qual)+myfunction24(qual)+myfunction25(qu
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