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  1. Hi thank you for your reply. Actually it was my mistake I did not change the wording from English to Italian, yet the problem is that the code do not run. Lately I have tried the following lines but once again they returned error. <DIV class="LOGIN"> <% Session("Language")=Request.form("language") if Session("Language")="ITA" then <FORM ACTION="login_action.asp" METHOD="post"> <DIV class="textboxid"> <input type="email" id="email" class="large" required="required" placeholder="Inserisci la tua email" style="width:300px;"> </DIV> <DIV class="textboxid"&g
  2. I know it may sound weird and quite out dated but I am trying to work out with ASP 3.0 ( I am a very beginner). What I am trying to achieve is as follow: I have an entry page on my web site that select the language; That leads to a welcome page where I have some text and images that change based on the language selection. (No problem here) I also have a log in form (email, password) with plenty of CSS in it that should change as well. (BIG problem here!!) I tried this lines of code but as expected did not work and returned error. <DIV class="LOGIN"> <% language=Request.form("
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