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  1. Many thanks for your reply robot, but kindly note that I'm ASP & PHP programer but still bigeners at XML so pls clarify what do you mean by S3L? and would you give me an example page how to obtain the data on fly like display all countries list for example
  2. Hi everybody,I want to send a request to a server to obtian from this server hotel's rate. I will try to explain more, of cours you know all online booking hotels site, I have a dealy with a site he gives me a user name and passowrd like this <username>Hantar</username> <passord>anypass</passord> and also gives me all his schema files and xml files but the data is stored in CSV files except hotel rates as I should obtian it through XML request on fly. So would you pls advise how could I do it ?I appreciate your help...
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