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  1. A body selector should work fine. Something like this: body { border-top: 4px solid #3c4043; }
  2. Looking at the picture, my guess is that you should actually set it to "span 6" if you want each box to be half the width of the grid. If you are already using an ID selector in CSS on these elements, you will not be able to override it with a general selector like "body footer". ID selectors cannot be overridden except by other, more specific ID selectors.
  3. It's hard to guess what the problem could be without knowing that the HTML structure is. Do you have three footer elements or three elements wrapped by a footer?
  4. Preview images and text should only appear if the website has OpenGraph tags defined in the HTML
  5. That should work, but it could be made more efficient if you store the column values in a variable declared outside of the loop. Is there a reason you replaced in_array() with array_search()?
  6. You will have to loop through the second array for each element in the first array to compare their values. $found = false; foreach($_POST['services'] as $id) { foreach($serviceslist as $service) { if($service['serviceID'] == $id) { $found = true; break; } } if($found) break; } if(!$found) { echo json_encode('nosuchservice'); }
  7. Unfortunately, the website staff do not interact on the forums. You might be able to contact them at help@w3schools.com It looks like the material of the courses is the same as the related tutorials on the website. It says this on the HTML course page: https://courses.w3schools.com/courses/html The General forum is OK for questions that don't have a particular forum for the category.
  8. It is important to learn data structures and algorithms if you intend to do real programming, but it is no use if you just memorize a few existing ones. If you don't learn how to build your own data structures and algorithms suited to the task at hand then you will not be a competent developer.
  9. The font-size CSS rule is not deprecated, but your HTML code is invalid because the background-color rule is not inside the quote marks of the style attribute. It would be better to set styles using an external CSS stylesheet.
  10. Which list are you referring to? It would be helpful to specify which page has the problem. The W3Schools staff do not actively participate on the forum, so if you need help with their website you will have to send an email to help@w3schools.com.
  11. Two problems I notice: The operator should be "&&" The value you want to compare with "sunny" is weather, not IamHappy. To fix it, the line should look like this: if(IamHappy && weather == "sunny") { By the way, this is Javascript, not Java. They're two different languages.
  12. Ingolme

    Css hacking

    Unfortunately, the W3Schools staff do not actively participate in the forums. CSS cannot be used to hack, it is not even a programming language. You probably are confusing it with some other unrelated technology. CSS is just a way to set the font, colors and positions of things on a website in a browser like Chrome or Safari.
  13. Ingolme


    Regular expressions are usually used to validate strings. If you want to verify that a string is an email address, a regular expression like (.+)@(.+) is a very simple way to do it.
  14. The required attribute of the field causes the browser to automatically check whether the field has been filled in.
  15. No, just update the keys of the data array to be the same as the placeholders. There is some information about PDO placeholders on this page: https://www.w3schools.com/php/php_mysql_prepared_statements.asp
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