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  1. It is impossible to protect HTML code, but I will do what you asked. Here is the above code without password: <html> <head><title>Encryptor</title></head> <body> <div id="thecode" style="display:none"> &lt;script&gt; document.write(unescape("thecode")); &lt;/script&gt; &lt;noscript&gt;JavaScript must be enabled in your browse in order to see protected page.&lt;/noscript&gt; </div> <script> function do_encode() { orig = document.getElementById("as1").value; thecode1 = document.getElementB
  2. You will need to clarify exactly what you want.
  3. Actually, to remove the password from the generated HTML, just cut out everything and only keep these lines: <script language="JavaScript1.2"> orig = unescape( /* ... ... ... ... */ ); orig1 = orig1.replace(/mmm/g,"\r\n"); document.write(orig1); </script> <noscript>JavaScript must be enabled in your browse in order to see protected page.</noscript>
  4. orig_pass = prompt("Please enter password",""); To remove the password prompt, just replace the above line with whichever fixed value you want. orig_pass = "XYZ"; This code is not very good, the variables aren't properly declared and they're using outdated attributes. If you're intending to hide your source code from people, I will have to warn you that it is impossible. If the browser is able to read the source code then so can anybody.
  5. The position property in CSS determines how the top, right, bottom and left properties behave. When set to "relative", the element gets moved a certain distance from where it started, but the space it was in remains reserved. If the position is set to "absolute" then the element will be positioned from the edges of its nearest positioned container. It's best if you try out the examples in the tutorial page: https://www.w3schools.com/css/css_positioning.asp
  6. For front end development you should learn HTML, CSS and Javascript. If you want to be purely a designer, you don't necessarily need to learn the languages but it helps to know them. I've worked with some designers in the past, they pass their design documents to the developers, so they don't need to write code.
  7. If you know which email address you used, it looks like you can reset your password here: https://profile.w3schools.com/reset-password
  8. I don't know what's in your iframe. What does console.log(allTags) show?
  9. Your querySelector() call is not getting the iframe because the selector is wrong. Also, you should be using contentDocument instead of contentWindow because querySelectorAll() belongs to the Document object.
  10. Have you considered using the contentDocument property?
  11. It's probably best to report the error using the "REPORT ERROR" link at the bottom of the page so that the website staff will see it.
  12. I'm not sure this is the right place to ask the question. Most people here just do web development and aren't technicians.
  13. I'm sure I already told you this in another topic. The <iframe> element does not have a document property. You should check the reference page for iframe to find the property that you need to use. In Javascript, variables, properties and functions are case sensitive. If iframes had a "document" property, typing "Document" would not work.
  14. It's not entirely clear what the requirements are. If there were decorative items like <hr> or <img> you might not want to remove them.
  15. First, get all <p> elements. var elements = document.getElementsByTagName("p"); Then, loop through all of them. This has to be done in reverse order because deleting items reindexes the elements node list we obtained. (If you want to learn more about this I can explain it in more detail) var element; for(var i = elements.length-1; i >= 0; i--) { element = elements[i]; ... For each element in the loop, check its contents. This is the complicated part. You have to remove all <br> elements and whitespace from the element's innerHTML and check whether the result is
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