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  1. It can't be done in pure HTML. You can have a server-side programming language generate the HTML with the classes from a file, but when you look at the source code, it is going to be just as long. It could also be achieved with Javascript when running on a web server but I would discourage using Javascript for content and presentation. Do you know what server-side languages are available to you?
  2. I don't see any elements in your code with a class "input-group-addon". You need to add that element to your HTML for this code to work. Either that, or use a different class name to select the element. You should use the class selector instead of the attribute selector, otherwise it will only select elements that have exactly that class name and nothing more. The class selector is the same as in CSS: $('.input-group-addon').prepend(header); jQuery is not necessary for this. It can be done with plain Javascript: var header = '<span class="form-group row"><i class="fa
  3. I don't know why so many people want to use glob(). Most of the time there is no need. scandir() is more efficient (though you have to add a bit of code to filter out "." and ".." from the directory list)
  4. Yes, SQL can be used with a variety of other languages and applications.
  5. Ingolme

    Bill F

    Every page has to have the same navigation bar to give the impression that the sidebar remains in place as the user navigates across pages. This is standard practice.
  6. Ingolme

    HTML images

    Please keep your questions to one topic. Discussion can continue in the other topic:
  7. I see a font rule in the .article-header__title selector. font: 400 24px/1.2 abril-text,Georgia,"Bitstream Charter",serif; It's using a font called abril-text.
  8. I'm sorry I can't help. That's a very strange problem and I don't know much about Microsoft database software. I guess if I were in this situation I'd start searching Google for invalid column names in Microsoft SQL server to see if somebody else has come across the same problem.
  9. The content that you are printing needs to already have HTML tags in it for the formatting. If it does not, then you will have to add them using string manipulation and that's complicated. Once you have HTML tags, you can use CSS to change the style of sections that are wrapped in tags.
  10. The location of the other files has to be in the same folder as the file with the links on it. You have several errors in your code. <a> tags can't go in the <head> The <header> must be within the <body> tags. The correct tag for images is <img>, not <image>.
  11. I guess Microsoft's SQL works differently than standard SQL. Have you tried without any delimiters at all?
  12. Each class has to be in its own file and you can use import statements to load the files. A Java IDE will usually handle this for you. You can read more about it in the W3schools tutorials. Project.class public class Project { public static void main(String[] args) { Example example = new Example(); } } Example.class public class Example { }
  13. You should use backticks rather than quotation marks to delimit field names. `SalesLeader`
  14. You can access object properties using square brackets, but you should do a check that the property exists before trying to access it. var day = "sunday"; object[day + "Col"];
  15. Ingolme


    Is the image file in the same folder as the HTML file?
  16. Technically the constructor is a method. The big difference between a constructor and other methods is that you never call the constructor, it is called automatically when you instantiate the object.
  17. Java programs almost always have many classes. If you don't have more than one class then you're not really taking advantage of Java's object-oriented nature and you might as well use a different programming language. As a beginner, you should make all your classes public. There are cases where private or protected classes are better, but you need a lot of experience to identify them and the code for an example would be too long for a forum post.
  18. I can't find the headline you are referring to on that page.
  19. I'm not sure to what extent it will affect the page on mobile, but the lack of a <!DOCTYPE html> tag on your page forces browsers into outdated rendering modes. The mobile devices may have an issue with this as well.
  20. Unfortunately, they're usually never checking the forums. This is just a community of people who use W3Schools.
  21. The error suppression operator is a very hacky solution to prevent warnings. If your code needs this then there is something wrong with your code.
  22. Please do not reply to old topics.
  23. Ingolme

    Node Naming

    What are you using to parse this XML file?
  24. Just put the code for one of the cards inside one of the <div class="column"> elements.
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