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  1. That can be solved too... I just keep messing up.Change your HTML code so that it's like this (adding a new <div class="conten">: <div class="topleft"><div class="topright"><div class="topmid"><!-- Nothing here --></div></div></div><div class="left"><div class="right"><div class="mid"><div class="content"><!-- Begin content --><!-- End content --></div></div></div></div><div class="bottomleft"><div class="bottomright"><div class="bottommid"><!-- Nothing here -->&
  2. Maybe the UL width will take effect if you declare the document width first:html,body {width: 100%;}I have no guarantee it will work.Strangely enough, your ul tag seems to have a margin on both the left and right. I don't know why.
  3. That error means that the file (getcitiy.php) wasn't found on the server. Seeing as it was spelled wrong it's not a surprise the error was returned. It's called a 404 error, one between a list of errors that the servers have programmed to handle certain requests.
  4. Well, the action attribute of the <form> tag was misspelled. You can make the form submit when you select an option by doing this:<form action="getcity.php" method="get" id="myForm"><select name="country" onchange="document.getElementById('myForm').submit()"><option value="">select:</option><?php$result = mysql_query("SELECT DISTINCT country FROM cities");while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)){echo "<option value=\"{$row['country']}\">{$row['country']}</option>";}?></select></form>
  5. Well, you might want to submit the form first:<form action="getcitiy.php" method="get"><select name="country"> <option value="">select:</option> <?php $result = mysql_query("SELECT DISTINCT country FROM cities"); while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)) { echo "<option value=\"{$row['country']}\">{$row['country']}</option>"; } ?></select><input type="submit" value="Select" /></form>
  6. 1) I am not sure if I'm right, but I think that this is because the UL element, being a block, has the same width as the body, and when you move it 25%, the entire document is stretched by 25% (body's width + 25%).To solve it you can try giving the UL element a width of 75% to compensate the 25% you added to the left of it:ul#logo{ position:relative;top: 150px;left: 25%;width: 75%;padding-left: 20px;list-style: none;text-transform: uppercase;font-size: .9em;letter-spacing: .1em;}ul#mainmenu{ position:relative;top: 170px;left: 25%;width: 75%;padding-left: 20px;list-style: none;}2)This CSS:a:lin
  7. Oh, just change the part of code for .mid so that it's like this:.mid {background: url(skin/message/b_05.gif) center left no-repeat #FFFFFF;padding-left: 28px;}
  8. Ingolme

    Width of div

    If you want to "fix" the div's position and size relative to its container you can do this: <div style="position: relative; width: 70%;"><!-- container -->Some content<div style="position: absolute; bottom: 0px;"><!-- this div is set to always be on the bottom of its container, not of the full page -->Something else</div></div>
  9. OK, Sorry for the result before, I hadn't tested it myself before. This one works for me: .topleft {background: url(skin/message/b_01.gif) top left no-repeat;}.topright {background: url(skin/message/b_03.gif) top right no-repeat;padding: 0px 20px 0px 28px;/* The first and third should be 0px, the second is the widthof the top right corner image and the fourth is the widthof the top left corner image */}.topmid {background: url(skin/message/b_02.gif) top right repeat-x;height: 17px; /* This height must be the height of the background image used */}.left {background: url(skin/message/b_04.gif)
  10. Ingolme

    Help Please

    That's far more than HTML, it uses PHP and other server side laguages. It's really complicated. I recommend reading W3Schools' PHP or ASP tutorials.
  11. Ingolme

    Width of div

    But when the position is set to fixed, I think the div doesn't inherit anything from its container.
  12. I think this should work. I've applied the widths and heights of the given images. .topleft {background: url(skin/message/b_01.gif) top left no-repeat;}.topright {background: url(skin/message/b_03.gif) top right no-repeat;}.topmid {background: url(skin/message/b_02.gif) top right repeat-x;height: 17px; /* This height must be the height of the background image used */padding: 0px 20px 0px 28px;/* The first and third should be 0px, the second is the widthof the top right corner image and the fourth is the widthof the top left corner image */}.left {background: url(skin/message/b_04.gif) top lef
  13. Ingolme


    You're right, but I never studied Regular Expressions. I should do that. The RegExp part of the Javascript reference on W3Schools is actually pretty new, I had never seen it before and I check it often. I glanced at it a week or two but never started learning it because I haven't had much time.
  14. Ingolme

    Width of div

    But position:fixed, means that the position coordintes are relative to the window and not the parent. Why do you need a div with a fixed position if it's inside another one?Maybe you can give an example of what you want your page to be like.
  15. But it still won't solve the problem of putting a paragraph and an image next to eachother...
  16. It depends on the server settings. Usually you upload a "favicon.ico" file to the top level of the site. You can also put this tag in your HTML document:<link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon" />Change "favicon.ico" for the icon file.I'm afraid you'll need to find software that converts imagesd to icon format.
  17. Ingolme


    You must give each form element an ID and then add a line of code for each of them. Then you add that to the function I gave you previously.For example, here if the form and the javascript for each element:...<input type="text" id="element1" /><input type="text" id="element2" /><input type="text" id="element3" /><textarea id="element4" cols="30" rows="4"></textarea>...isIncomplete = false;if(document.getElementById("element1").value.length == 0) formSubmit = 0; isIncomplete = true;if(document.getElementById("element2").value.length == 0) formSubmit = 0; isIncomple
  18. Tables are a really bad way to display websites. And embedding tables within tables is not a good idea.To make the content be well placed I think this should work:<td width="790" valign="top">Context goes here</td>
  19. Ingolme

    Image formats

    I wouldn't ever use BMP on the internet, that's a really big format. If what you want is to make the color blend into the background, why not use a PNG with transparency rather than trying to make it equal with the background color?
  20. Ingolme


    I have this function to validate Emails:Put this in the <head> of the document: function formValidate(aform,mail) { formSubmit = 1; atPosition = document.getElementById(mail).value.indexOf('@'); dotPosition = document.getElementById(mail).value.lastIndexOf('.'); dist = document.getElementById(mail).value.length; domain = document.getElementById(mail).value.substr(dist-3,3); if(document.getElementById(mail).value == "") { formSubmit = 0; alert("You must provide an E-mail address"); } else if (!dotPosition || !atPosition || atPosition < 1 || dotPosition < (at
  21. I recommend haveing a table "cities".Here's an example of how it could look: cities table:Name | Country--------------------------------Madrid | SpainNew Jersey| U.S.AParis | FranceBarcelona | SpainNew York | U.S.A To get all the cities of a country:SELECT * FROM cities WHERE country = 'Spain'To get all the countries available:SELECT DISTINCT country FROM cities
  22. The way to get an attribute from an XML node is the following:xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName("Alertinfo")[0].getAttribute("status");
  23. Yes, CSS loads much faster than HTML tables. HTML tables are pretty unefficient.
  24. I don't know, I'm just suggesting because I've never used subqueries, so I can't be sure exactly how they work. If performing the query before works ok then at least your script will be working.Maybe somebody else can find a different solution.
  25. Maybe you should do the other query first and add it into the second query after. Like this:$res0 = mysql_query("SELECT post_id FROM db1.table2 WHERE field1=9795",$dbc1);$row0 = mysql_fetch_array($res0);$sql1 = "SELECT * FROM db1.table1 WHERE field1=(".$row0['post_id'].")";$result1 = mysql_query($sql1,$dbc1);while($row1 = mysql_fetch_assoc($result1)){echo $row1['field1'].'<br />';}
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