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  1. Thanks a lot you guys! That really helped.
  2. So I used the example you gave me and then I ended up getting a purple boarder around the selected picture and the selected title and paragraph had dissapeared. http://stuffbysheerly.com/beth-sholom It's the final paragraph.
  3. May you give me an example of it? Also, how do you remove the yellow dividers but keep in the columns?
  4. Thank you for that, but the last one looks a bit awkard. The credits list paragraph should be on the left side wheares the sources paragraph should be on the right side.
  5. So I was able to do the columns successfully like one of you guys suggested, and I was also thinking about adding a divider between each paragraph so that there won't be so much room between each paragraph. Do I still do it inside the between page tag?
  6. Name: Sheerly (can't reveal my family name, sorry..) Age: 24 1/2 Zodiac: Cancer Occupation: Web Design Student Experience Level: Still a novice.. Programs: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects Music: Indie, rock, electronic, most other dance music, chill-wave and some pop and old school rap. Film: Mostly indie and art films. Hobbies: Photography, surfing the web, eating out, exploring different places, meeting new people and being inspired. Misc: I'm just to get extra help and advice on web design, I would also like to brush up on my skills more and to improve my portfolio. I would
  7. I'm having a difficult time diving the paragraph inside the between-page tag. Here is how I would like it to be as: Right now the paragraphs are both on top of each other, not side by side. Is there any way I can add division to them like in the example above? Here is the link to the website that I'm currently working on.
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