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  1. {background-image:url('paper.gif');}vs{background-image:url(paper.gif);}What is the purpose of the quotes? Is it necessary to use them or not?
  2. Hi,I have this menu in html and css. When I go over a menu item the background turns an other color, because of the css hover thing. When I click on it, it also turns an other color and that's because of the css active thing.But now I would like to give the background color of the menu item of the page I am on an other color and let it stay that color for as long I am on that page. If I go to another page the color of the previous menu item goes back to normal like the rest of the menu items and the menu item of the page I am on now changes to another background color.Does this make any sence?
  3. Hello, Question.I would like to see that the 2 smallest divs automaticly get the same height as the largest one.For example I have 3 divs:#leftcontent { width: 150px;}#maincontent { width: 600px;}#rightcontent { width: 150px;}if I put some text in the #maincontent div witch means that he will grow a little in height. Now I would like that the #leftcontent and the #rightcontent grow with the #maincontent in that case if possible.Anyone can set me up with something?
  4. okey, thnx for the help, next week I will try to build the site from scratch again, see how that works out.and I use no Dreamweaver but Notepad++.
  5. If I do relative the whole structure of my site collapses because in this case I have a lot absolute positioned... is there no other solution?ps. z-index: 1000 / 500 was something to try, normaly I use lower numbers.pps. I know that my html is a little bit rough, but that's because I have been testing a lot lately, I will put it neat and correctly later.
  6. Hello,I have this menu that popsup on mouse over. In firefox it looks fine, but in IE it appears behind a picture on the same page...Now I thougt when I do the z-index trick I resolve the problem, but it doesn't works, it is still behind the picture in IE.Anyone got any suggestion? <div id="menu"> <ul> <li><a href="index.php?page=fotosub&categorie_id=1">1</a> <ul> <li><a href="index.php?page=fotosubsub&categorie_id=1&subcat_id=[sub.subcat_id;noerr;]">[sub.subnaam;noerr;block=li;]</a></li> </ul&g
  7. Hello,I have mad a div with a border-style: solid, border widht: 1px and border-color: #000.the background color of the div is White(#fff) and de background color of the page is black(#000)now in firefox I can see the border because it is inside the div so with a White background.in IE I can't see the border because the border is around(outside) the div.Is it possible to fix this?
  8. I just replaced your css code for mine. as you can see it did the trick:)It's not perfect yet but the idea is there. Later I will try to figure it out better and make it look as it should:)thnx for helping,
  9. hello again,I was verry bussy last days/weeks. but latetly I started working on my digital map again. After you people told me what te problem was. I went looking on the internet. Finaly I found this peace of java script: http://www.naarvoren.nl/artikel/hover/csshover.htc wich takes care of the people who are using internet explorer 6 (and probably lower, but I can't test that). You have to include the document into your css like this: body { behavior: url("csshover.htc");} Before getting bussy I have read this article http://www.naarvoren.nl/artikel/hover/ (it's in dutch to bad:) ).anyways.
  10. Hello,I would like to automaticly stretch this div to the heigth of the text. I thougt 100% would do the tricky but I was wrong. Any one can put me on the right track?example(edit: it's about the div named 'content')here is the css: #container{ position: relative; margin: 0; padding: 0; margin: 0 auto 0 auto; width: 750px; height: 1770px; background-color: #735C41;}#header{ position: absolute; margin-top: 10px; margin-left: 10px; width: 730px; height: 190px; background-color: #302215;}#header img { border-style: none;}#content{ position: absolute; margin-top: 210px; margin-left: 10px; width:
  11. thnx I didn't know this. Now I know the problem I am goingt to try to solve it.
  12. Hello,I am buliding a digital map with the help of css. The basic idea is that when you move your mouse to one of the marks on the map a window with information about that mark appears.Now first it only worked in firefox but after some thinking I also got it working in IE7. But when I last week tried it in IE6 it didn't worked. Maybe someone of you people see's the problem? I can't find it yet realy.Here's the html: <div id="map"> <ul> <li class="object1"><a href="#"><img src="mark.gig" /></a> <ul> <li>information about object1</li>
  13. Good for you that you found it out finally.z-index can be verry usefull sometimes. But you do have to realize that you need to use it in my case:D
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