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  1. It is better with WWW, we had faced few issues (i think issues are still there ), when I setup domain www.forabetterjob.in for my friend, when we do curl http://forabetterjob.in we get nothing. So, we have used www anywhere we mention the site.
  2. Feed will have summary of the post or story, an example feed http://feeds.feedburner.com/StrangeGods?format=xml, If you planning to make a website, checkout the licensing information from the feed provider site (how you can use them). Also, use server side script like (php, phython) to fetch that feed and display it on the website. (this will benefit the website with respect to search engines). Idea is like this, fetch and read and display OR Fetch in background->Store in DB-> Display by querying your Database.
  3. Have you tried normalizing your css (http://nicolas.github.com/normalize.css.) for more info
  4. Not sure the purpose of property -webkit-user-modify. If is to disable to submit button, you can use input property disabled.
  5. Do .fb_iframe_widget { float:left;} to your leftside div (facebook one) may be this one helps for making divs responsive
  6. Check if it is mobile device on the backend. Based on that write mobile code or desktop code If you are using php see if this helps. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4117555/simplest-way-to-detect-a-mobile-device
  7. I just copied your code to a plain html file and it seems fine for me.
  8. What do you mean "not working" ? When I click on it, it s taking me to account creation page.
  9. Use this function. is_singular( 'post' ); Btw, this question is something related wordpress support I guess. :-)
  10. I made minor modifications to your script. The trick is clearning the timer on mouseover. Recalling the function on mouseout. Maybe there can be better way But this seems like working I made a fiddle. http://jsfiddle.net/mannemvamsi/v3wzj68b/
  11. You already installed wordpress on your site. Do you need your blog posts go on the the page "cyclonehasing" ? Then in the wordpress admin panel settings --> Reading settings--> There will be drop down for "Posts Page". Choose whichever page you would like to show your blog.
  12. In your wordpress, edit your theme stylesheet .main-inner { float: right; padding-left: 20rem; // Adjust this to something like 19rem or so... for the left one. width: 100%;}.content-entry-wrap { padding-right: 2rem; // Adjust this one to something like "1rem" or "0.5rem" for the right side gap}
  13. I didn't go through your code. But I understand that you need to place a div vertically center inside another one. you can do something like this. .vertical-center { position:relative; top:50%; transform:translateY(-50%);} Demo available here
  14. For repeating divs it is best to use "class" instead of "Id" see here http://jsfiddle.net/mannemvamsi/w27hcLx0/
  15. You call follow this tutorial http://jhtmlcss.blogspot.com/2015/04/how-to-use-javascript-settimeout-to.html
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