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  1. This is the first website I've ever coded without the help of a program like iWeb or RapidWeaver. I went through the HTML & CSS tutorials at HTML Dog, and I've learned a little bit. But I'm still a complete novice, so I could use your help.Here's my page so far: http://cdkarts.com/testIt looks the way I want, but the code is kind of "hacked" to get it that way. I'd like the content to appear in the same relative position (indented about 25% from left) no matter what people's browser window and screen size is. So I used the left: 25% tag. However, that caused a horizontal scroll bar to
  2. I'll try posting this in the CSS forum, since it's really more of a CSS issue than HTML.Thanks,Chris
  3. Thanks for your reply. Both of your suggestions worked! Actually, I had to add a "70%" width for the scroll bar to disappear. And I had to add the 70% width tag to the "footer" id as well. Is there a better way to code this, though? What I want is for the text to appear in the same relative place for everyone regardless of the size of their browser window or screen. It seems like the way I'm doing it now is a bit "hacked", so I'm definitely open to learning a better way if there is one.I also added an li.alt a:hover tag to preserve the hover appearance for that "submenu".
  4. I'm in the process of designing a very simple portfolio for my photography. Right now, I'm just working on the home page. Before yesterday I had zero experience with HTML and CSS, but thanks to the tutorials at HTML Dog I've learned a little bit.I've got the site (http://cdkarts.com/test) pretty close to where I'd like it to be, with just two issues:1) Why is there a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the page? How do I get rid of this?2) Why is the "alt" class (assigned to the indented list items) not overriding the default color assigned to the "mainmenu" id?Any help you could offer wo
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