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  1. Howdy "JD"... I'm "new" in web development... I have only had exposure in website maintenance for about 9 months but as a technical writer, I've had exposure to basic HTML/CSS, HTML5/CSS3, some JavaScripting for about 7 years now so I'm fine with doing web pages the "hard coding" way... most web building it would seem is *generated* for you with all sorts of online/offline web apps. I'm of the type that I want to build it myself, to actually code it. But in my past line of work, The coding was initially done for me and all I had to do was manipulate it in a way that made the pages read
  2. Thanks "guy"... I studied the Tutorial section all weekend. Wasn't certain what they meant by the prerequisite part.
  3. Brief question concerning the HTML certification. The study material they recommend (in order to succeed in this test), is to study the HTML Tutorial page. Is that the ONLY section that relates to that particular test? What i mean is that there are other sections (HTML Forms, HTML SVG, etc). I wasn't certain if the test will include those sections as well. Can someone help clear this up for me? Also, what if you have no supervisor to watch over you. I'm by myself studying for these tests. Do we really need a supervisor to take these? I appreciate your help in clarifying these two q
  4. Hello everyone! My name is Ron Kane and I am an accomplished web developer and technical writer having done many technical manuals, general information and "how-to"s in the Content Management field. I have significant success in utilizing the Adobe Suite and Microsoft SharePoint products with respect to creating content and following industry based style guides. My biggest success to date was working with one of my past company's Chief of Staff for a SVP in revamping their entire Intranet portal. This portal went from being unprofessional looking and having no web traffic to being
  5. Studying for HTML certification.. 8)

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