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    SQL - Update

    I think the error might be in the name of the table. Change inf(email) for the name of the table (usually is 'users') and it should work. In case that you actually called you db inf(email): Sorry, my bad!
  2. First, look in your HTML for something like <input type="..." name="...">. Next step is to change the name form something meaningful. E.g: for the email field use <input type="text" name="email">, for the message use name="message" and so on. At last go to the PHP code and use the exacly same name between the square brackets in $_POST[' ']
  3. it is for personal use. Basically it is a bunch of code put together with things that I developed as I was learnig. Maybe, someday, some parts will be useful in a real project.
  4. ok.. sorry for the double post . An admin please delete one of the topics! Sorry!
  5. Hi guys, For some time now, I'm working on a project just for fun so I can improve my PHP skills. One thing that I want to add is a selection for languages for example English and Spanish.I've been thinking about this and I've figured out 3 possibles ways for doing so:1- create a mysql table with the menus, and all of the explanatios and then their translates. I believe this will oversaturate the database.2- define some arrays with the translations and then include them where the values are needed. 3- create copies of the scripts and then translate them entirely. Like I said this is just for fun so the last one works fine for me but I'm curious which one is the most efficient or which one is used on really big projects?
  6. Stemar

    PHP in MAC

    Glad to help. And no, there is no other way as PHP must be 'traslated' by a server to HTML and that's what your browser will show to you!EDIT: buying an actual server will do the job too but I suponse that has no sense for only practicing.
  7. Stemar

    PHP in MAC

    I think you are opening it directly as a file without running it through the apache server. Try opening the file with localhost/first.php. at least that´s how it works on windows
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