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  1. only the button attributes... These... upImage = new Image(); upImage.src = "http://disc.maximumi...re-Rollover.png"; downImage = new Image(); downImage.src = "http://disc.maximumi...kHere-Click.png" normalImage = new Image(); normalImage.src = "http://disc.maximumi...Here-Normal.png"; function changeImage() { document.images["jsbutton"].src= upImage.src; return true; } function changeImageBack() { document.images["jsbutton"].src = normalImage.src; return true; } function handleMDown() { document.images["jsbutton"].src = downImage.src; return true; } function handleMUp()
  2. the script works. No errors. I just don't know where to place the button attributes in order for them to work.
  3. I have modified this script to include a call-to-action button when a video ends. What I'm trying to do is get the button to work on mouse rollover and click. The button works and comes up after the video ends but I can't seem to place the attributes in a logical place to get them to work. It's a little advanced for me so I'm hoping that someone can do this and explain what they did so I can learn. I've spent hours on this! LOL Here's the whole script... <div id="player"></div> <script type="text/javascript"> jwplayer("player").setup({ playlist: [{ image: "http:
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