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  1. Hello everyone,I have been very busy so I havent really updated anything untill now.As there was a couple of things and bugs I have to fix on the current design I decided to make a better design as well, cant get satisfied The fell of the old design is still very much there but I am gonna change the entire color scheme.The new link to keep your eyes nailed at is:http://topfreegameservers.com/NyIndex.phpHope to here from you all.
  2. Hello everyone.Not sure if this is really out of date for you guys but it really helped me.Lately I have been having this crazy bugs that only appear in Explorer 6 and below.And as most of you know Vista comes with explorer 7 and there is no way to downgrade to explorer 6 in Vista.So there I was with a problem trying to find bugs, that I dident even could see on my screen.So after searching the web for a while I finally found this program that is free to download and is published by MicrosoftIt is called "Virtual PC 2007" and it lets you install another operating system on your computer and run it in a small screen when you are in Vista for example. so all you need is a windows xp and download Virtual PC 2007, and you can check your web site in explorer 6 with ease.So now I can bug test my site in explorer ยด6 and lower with out a hitch.Hope it helps someone and good luck.Here is how it looks: http://img528.imageshack.us/img528/967/vp2007ip4.jpg
  3. Ok I am about to center it and make some changes.http://www.topfreegameservers.com/indextest.phpcheck there for updates.
  4. Thanks so much for all your feed back. As stated above I still could fix somethings to make it 100%. But as I sat and looked though the site I found more and more things I whanted to change on it to make it better.For examaple, Removing the edit button in the middle of the screen and placing the logg in to the top right and making a cookie remember them and all that.secondly as stated centering the pagethirdly the sub windows like Add, Edit, contact could use a good overhaul to make it look better and alot more proffesional.As you might notice this goes on forever, but as it stands now I think the site looks good enough to launch ( and all the functions works.)So I am gonna launch and then make a good in depth reading and training in Html.And then make the appropiat changes to it when I learned enough.thanks again for the help as most forums just tell me it looks great when I post something and no bad things.Will make a post in this topic again when I have made the rewamp on the site, will sadly not be done untill the holidays as its cramped at work atm.
  5. I am close to lunching the site any last thoughts would be nice
  6. made a new meny with a new issue in explorer so a new topic http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=16650
  7. Hello everyone.Thought I start a new topic becuse now I have a new problem might have read this topic http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=16387there I hade the problem that Firefox gave an unwhanted padding and I couldent fix it ( dident whant to use another java script)So I made a new one its alot better, loads alot faster and works wonders in Firefox but now I have a new issue.In explorer the drop down meny pops up to the right instead of just under it.Please take a look I am going bonkers on the drop down meny, one browser never seem to be happy.http://www.topfreegameservers.comyou can check view source if you like, but I sum it up here to . #meny { position:absolute; left:50px; top:339px; width:763px; height:52px; z-index:6; padding-top:21px; background-image:url(images/menytop.gif); background-repeat:repeat-x;}#nav, #nav ul { padding: 0; margin: 0; list-style: none;text-align:center; } #nav a { display: block; width: 10em;} #nav li { float: left; width: 10em;height:20px; }#nav li ul { position: absolute; width: 10em; left: -999em;background-color: #deed85;margin-top:31px;border-bottom:#336699 1px solid;border-left:#336699 1px solid;border-right:#336699 1px solid;text-align:left;padding-left:10px;}#nav li:hover ul { left: auto; }#nav li:hover ul, #nav li.sfhover ul { left: auto; }#styleone{position:relative;display:block;height:31px;font-size:11px;font-weight:bold;background:transparent url(images/bgOFF.gif) repeat-x top left;font-family:Arial,Verdana,Helvitica,sans-serif;}#styleone ul{margin:0;padding:0;list-style-type:none;width:auto;}#styleone ul li{display:block;float:left;}#styleone ul li a{display:block;float:left;color:#000;text-decoration:none;padding:6px 20px 0 0 0px;height:70px;}#styleone ul li a:hover,#styleone ul li a.current{color:#fff;position: static;} java script so it can work in explorer <script type="text/javascript"><!--//--><![CDATA[//><!--sfHover = function() { var sfEls = document.getElementById("nav").getElementsByTagName("LI"); for (var i=0; i<sfEls.length; i++) { sfEls[i].onmouseover=function() { this.className+=" sfhover"; } sfEls[i].onmouseout=function() { this.className=this.className.replace(new RegExp(" sfhover\\b"), ""); } }}if (window.attachEvent) window.attachEvent("onload", sfHover);//--><!]]></script>
  8. haha sry must have been sleepy when I read it
  9. Sry He told me it wasent that it was hard but he whanted a less functional script with only posting and reading topics. simple is the game.
  10. Hello everyone.I am asking on behalf of my friend that is looking for an easy to handle forum script that is also easy to implement in to a community.He thought phpBB was to hard Links to a good source would be nice.
  11. http://www.htmldog.com/articles/suckerfish/dropdowns/And just play around with the CSS I guess
  12. using Firefox are we http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=16387Edit: oyea I forgot to say that I will do something about the bottom, as you are right it looks dumb. Was gonna make it slide but if someone points it out I have to fix it
  13. dident put #333333 becuse I thought it became to dark but I am trying #ECE5B6 and it softens it alitle.Dont really get what you mean by the text color? If I put a more light color on the font wouldent that give me more contrast from the rest?
  14. Made the Add window and the Edit window. what do you think?
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