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    hey i wanted to ask how to make a ad pop up on thwe side of page like there will be a box showing ad but a man who visits will click hide and it will collapse any idea how to do it i am using word press
  2. Hey i have a html website so today i made its mobile version (Link http://m.darksoulcoc.com ) but it is going out of its border while using it in mobile so i can provide you the files so if anyone here is gonna help me will be very thank full and remember i didnt make this website i just got the template from somewhere
  3. Np i will make website again i just want is how will website will detect is he using phone or desktop
  4. hey i have seen that facebook have different website for desktop and mobile like when we open in phone its m.fb.com and pc www.fb.com so any idea how to do it using html my website is darksoulcoc.com
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