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  1. Thanks but that doesn't help. Like I said I am not into recustomizing the whole slider, I am not a programmer. Would appreciate a more direct solution with specific instructions perhaps.
  2. I preferred pure CSS yes. Thanks but all the examples are already packaged slideshows with their own effects. I don't want to rewrite or recustomize an entire new slider as the one I have was fitted perfectly for the website. I was hoping that someone would pinpoint the command or line that I need to plug into what I already have in order to make it switch every few seconds. I can add Javascript if I have to, but I am not good enough to just look at whole other slideshows and pinpoint it myself.
  3. Hi everyone, Thank you for letting me be here. This is my first posting. I am looking for some help with this slider I have on a website. It is working ok so far, except I can't seem to figure out a way to put a timer on the slides so that they would switch every few seconds. How do you guys think I should do this? Here is the code HTML: <div class="slider"><ul class="slides"> <input type="radio" name="radio-btn" id="img-1" checked /> <li class="slide-container"> <div class="slide"> <a href="/HR-Diploma-exda.php"><img src="/images/Slid
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