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  1. not its not right answere sorry But I think thats possibal
  2. How To show category wise posts using custom fields i am use acf plugin and i want show custom fields page i have 3 custom fields 1 album 2 artist 3 lyrics and 2 category 1st remix 2nd top song i want creat deffrant page for all 3 fields like 1st page album where i can show all album with 1st category with paging See Below Attached file For Best Understanding
  3. Done <?php $pst = date('m'); if($pst>4) { $y=date('Y'); echo $dtt=$y."-04-01<br/>"; $pt = date('Y', strtotime('+1 year')); echo $ptt=$pt."-03-31"; } else { $y=date('Y', strtotime('-1 year')); echo $dtt=$y."-04-01<br/>"; $pt =date('Y'); echo $ptt=$pt."-03-31"; } ?>
  4. m Also use acctstarttime between 'invoice.date' and 'users.expiration' and acctstarttime between invoice.date and users.expiration but Result Not Right But when I Use Static Date both then working good can you explain sir how i done
  5. Hello Every One I Want Show all USer last Useges Data From date of Last Recharge to To Date and condition With user owner by i Have 3 Table invoice - Need data from column date(need last invoice Last Recharge date For Below Table Condition Start ),username( Uniq In all table) acct - > Need data from column acctstarttime( For Start Date ),SUM( acct.acctinputoctets + acct.acctoutputoctets ) AS data(For Sum Of Useges Data ),SUM( acct.acctsessiontime ) AS acctsessiontime,username(Uniq In all table) users - > Need data from column username( Main Table Match username on this table base),owner,lastlogoff,expiration,uptimelimit,comobolimit, My Code is Here But Not working SELECT DATE( `acctstarttime` ) AS acctstarttime, SUM( acct.acctinputoctets + acct.acctoutputoctets ) AS data, acct.username, SUM( acct.acctsessiontime ) AS acctsessiontime, users.username, users.owner, users.lastlogoff, users.expiration, users.uptimelimit, .comblimit, users.enableuser,invoices.date FROM invoices,acct JOIN users ON acct.username = rm_users.username WHERE users.owner = 'admin' and acctstarttime between 'invoice.date' and 'users.expiration' GROUP BY MONTH( `acctstarttime` ) , acct.username ORDER BY invoices.date DESC LIMIT 0 , 30 I Think Problem in Where condition i want acctstarttime between 'invoice.date(Desc or User last recharge Date)' and 'users.expiration' I m very Confused How I dow Any One Can Help Thanks in Extra
  6. no M Not Have Any Api How I Do using cUrl can u explan sir Thanks
  7. How i submit form to other website and Get Result on my website Here Is An example site I want Make like this website http://singhfm.com/psebresult/ and here tagret website where i want pick data http://results2.indiaresults.com/pb/pseb/result-of-12-class-march-2016/query.htm How I Done Any one can help about this
  8. in mysql all ok field type date i think prob in current year dynmic $cyear and when date 1-1-$cyear then not show of 3 months
  9. not show record of jan feb march i think when date 1 jan then my condition 1-4-17 to 31-3-18 so this not working good
  10. Hello everyone I want Show Some Recorded according financial year For Example from 01-04-2016 to 31-3-2017 01-04-2017 to 31-03-2018 my Code $pst = date('Y'); $pt = date('Y', strtotime('+1 year')); $sql="SELECT *FROM mytable where date BETWEEN CAST('$pst-04-01' AS DATE) AND CAST('$pt-03-31' AS DATE)"; Anyone Can explain how i done this
  11. i have my own webserver for my websites but google adsense Not working on it what i do anyone can solve this Thanks In advance
  12. field is date/time plese describe How i do PDO instead of the mysql extension
  13. I want to show online user in my project where 2 field in mysql table 1st onlinestoptime and 2nd onlinestarttime when user login and online show in mysql onlinestoptime value null and onlinestarttime value is timestamp (show time when user online like 09/04/2016 12:01:02) my code here but not working so How i done and show online user <? date_default_timezone_set('Asia/Kolkata'); $dt=date('Y-m-d h:i:s '); echo $sql="SELECT *FROM mytable where onlinestoptime like '%%' and onlinestarttime<'$dt' "; $val=mysql_query($sql); ?> Thanks in advance
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